Eco-friendly Gift Wrap Solutions


Eco-friendly Gift Wrap Solutions

Paint cups, plastic tray

Are you interested in a fun, artistic way to save money this holiday season? Try making your own holiday gift wrap!  The ideas we like the best are ones that minimize cost, use what is already available in your house, and can be reused as much as possible. Here are some ideas for you to…

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Conservation: Single-Use Plastic Substitutions

Thank you to everyone who participated in Plastic Free July! For those of you still looking for inspiration year-round, the following are some great ideas that CuriOdyssey staff shared. A great way to lead your family conservation plan and try living waste free is to start with simple substitutions! It’s never too early to practice sustainability…

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Make Edible Water Bottles

How to make edible water bottles at home! CuriOdyssey guests got to try edible water bottles at our May First Friday Family Night. Through the process of spherification, this activity will create an edible, gelatinous membrane around a blob of water! Your family can think about design solutions for environmental problems as you experiment with this possible substitute…

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2018 Commuter Challenge

The 2018 Commuter Challenge at CuriOdyssey. Reducing Our Carbon Footprint. Did you know? The Bay Area Commuter Challenge is an annual event! The Bay Area Commuter Challenge runs during April & May every year. CuriOdyssey strives to be a leader in conservation and sustainability in our community. We are committed to taking action to help ensure a more sustainable…

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Top Resources: At-Home Chemistry for Kids

We are welcoming 2017’s National Chemistry Week (10/22-10/28) with a list of at-home chemistry resources for kids! Linked below are creative and useful chemistry-related sites to get you (and your kids) inspired: #1: CuriOdyssey’s At-Home Activities Page. We love to highlight simple ingredient, engaging, thought-provoking experiments for kids. Follow our Facebook page for new experiment videos, too! #2. Exploratorium’s Science…

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Alternative Ways to Enjoy A Solar Eclipse

Looking for alternative ways to enjoy the solar eclipse without eclipse glasses? Here’s what we’ve found. Note: Please do not stare at a partial solar eclipse without eclipse glasses. Instead, we offer other ways to safely enjoy a solar eclipse. 5 alternative ways to enjoy the solar eclipse: (in no particular order) 1. VIDEO: NASA’s cereal box…

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Exploring Prisms + Sunlight


Did you know that rainbows are caused by an aspect of refraction called dispersion? Light waves of different frequencies (colors) bend different amounts. In most cases, this is not noticeable, but prisms make use of this to spread out the spectrum so we can see all of the colors. Violet light bends the most, with…

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Re-purposed: Cereal Boxes for Gift-giving

Making gift boxes

If you’re like most people, you probably eat your way through cereal, cookies, crackers, and myriad other things that are sold in cardboard boxes. While these cardboard containers are easily recycled, we recently wondered if there was a way to get just one more use out of this ubiquitous item before it landed in a…

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Summer of Science Activity Series: DIY Sunprints

Sun print

Welcome to the next installment of our Summer of Science activity series! We’re issuing a challenge to make your family’s summer the best one yet – by making it a Summer of Science. To help make it a science-filled summer, we’ll post a new science activity on our blog, from now until August. Give each…

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Make it a Summer of Science!

Kids playing with bubbles

Photo: Graham Paterson Summer is a time for playing in the park, exploring the outdoors, learning new things at camp, and spending time with friends. It’s one of our favorite times of year, of course! This summer, we’re challenging you to make your family’s summer the best one yet – by making it a Summer…

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