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On the mornings of Friday, April 19 and Thursday, April 25, we will have several field trips on site. Please anticipate large groups and a busier campus!


We are all connected on this earth, and it’s up to us to work together to enable everything to thrive in balance.

CuriOdyssey prioritizes its role as a bridge to the natural world to inspire the next generation of conservation thinkers and solutionists. Through our resident wildlife, our conservation research partnerships, as well as our science camp and school programs, we strive to create conservation connections for our visitors, while instilling a sense of optimism in the learning process, and excitement about conservation solutions that have yet to be discovered.

CuriOdyssey's conservation mission is to inspire hope to heal the planet through collaborative learning, action, and inclusion.

A group of adults and children walk through a field of greenery with yellow flowers. Eucalyptus trees are in the background.

Conservation Through Collaboration

We recognize that environmental science is complex. It’s a species-wide issue (human, plant, and animal), a social justice issue, a health and resource issue, a science and communication issue, and a human behavior issue. Likewise, the underlying causes of the conservation challenges we face - biodiversity loss, climate change, and global pandemics - are interconnected and require intersectional thinking and collaboration across sectors to create robust and lasting solutions.

Just as biodiversity enables ecosystems to flourish, CuriOdyssey’s conservation program draws on a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds to foster conservation innovation. We rely on the collective input of all of CuriOdyssey’s department specialists as well as a variety of external partners. Learn more about how we incorporate an intersectional lens into our programs below.


Conservation Education

Conservation Education

Curiodyssey reinforces its mission to “create a brighter future” by exposing kids to the explorative and creative side of conservation science. Through experiential learning, we hope to increase their empathy for wildlife and wild spaces, and cultivate an understanding that all things are connected on this earth. Offerings include a new summer camp theme, Eco Explorers, during which rising fifth and sixth graders explore the intersection of local ecology, design thinking, and conservation through the plants and animals at CuriOdyssey and Coyote Point Recreational Area.

Western Pond Turtle wildlife conservation

Wildlife Conservation & One Health

Wildlife Conservation & One Health

CuriOdyssey has a responsibility to help protect wild populations and habitats represented by the native wildlife we care for at our facility. We fulfill this through our conservation partnership grants program, our contribution to the American Zoo Association’s Saving Animals From Extinction (SAFE) program, and participation in the Species Survival Plan. We also embrace the concept of One Health, recognizing the link that exists between human, animal, and ecosystem health and conservation.

Child with wetlands in background

Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice

We believe that everyone has the right to live in a healthy environment. As an organization, we apply an environmental justice lens when exploring conservation issues and cultivating partnerships. Stay tuned for the launch of our conservation speakers series which showcases the projects and perspectives of indigenous voices and underrepresented communities in the environmental movement.

Volunteers remove invasive plant from marsh.

Community Science

Community Science

We believe that conservation break-throughs happen through the collaboration and contribution of many different sectors and voices. As a public organization, we encourage all members of the community to participate in conservation events and activities at Curiodyssey. Community science is a team effort.

Learn More & Contact Us

To learn more about conservation at CuriOdyssey, explore our blog and read in-depth stories about specific environmental topics and activities.

If you are a student, a teacher, or just someone who is curious about conservation, feel free to contact us with questions or ideas. We also welcome conversations with those of you who are affiliated with conservation organizations, universities, or government agencies interested in partnering with us on a conservation project.

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