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2017 Conservation and Research Report


2017 Conservation and Research Report

Welcome! In preparation for March 20, California Wildlife Day 2018, we invite you to join us in celebrating our conservation program success. You can view the entire 2017 report here. Our program focuses on conservation issues that impact San Mateo County and the native California animals that reside at CuriOdyssey. We accomplish this through participating in and…

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CuriOdyssey Conservation Projects

November 2017 This was a great year for conservation work at CuriOdyssey! CuriOdyssey’s conservation programs focus on issues that impact San Mateo County and, more broadly, the native California animals that reside here. We accomplish this through a variety of projects, including habitat restoration, research, citizen science projects, and captive breeding.   HABITAT RESTORATION AND…

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Composting in Our Community

When we toss out our waste into a bin and leave it out on the curb on collection day, where does it go? Well, in San Mateo County, it depends. We are lucky to have a three-bin waste sorting system available to us at our homes – compost, recycle, and landfill. The journey our waste…

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Blue Bottle Conservation Day

A big thank you to Blue Bottle Coffee employees from the new Bay Meadows cafe in San Mateo for their help during a conservation event on Saturday, September 30th.  The team cleared invasive LIRA plant from Coyote Point Park so thoroughly that 70 gallons of LIRA (Limonium ramosissimum) and invasive ice plant (Carpobrotus edulis) was…

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Conservation, Environmentalism and You

Looking for inspiration for your own personal environmental commitment efforts?  Here are some projects that are making a positive impact and why these projects are important to all of us. Marsh Conservation The marsh conservation experiment led by CuriOdyssey Science Educator Catherine Brett will provide valuable data to inform future LIRA (invasive marsh plant) management strategies…

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Coyote Point Marsh Restoration Project

Volunteer holds plants in gloved hands

Have you ever wondered why removal of invasive species is so important? When a non-native species enters a habitat, it may be considered invasive if it spreads rapidly and fundamentally alters the structure and function of a habitat. Invasive organisms also outcompete native plants for space and resources such as water, light and nutrients. One…

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Out In The Field: Ringtail Research

At CuriOdyssey, we’re committed to not only providing our animals with the best possible care, but also ensuring that our impact goes beyond our walls through a variety of conservation efforts. CuriOdyssey’s Ringtail, “Amala” Our latest conservation effort is focused on ringtail field research.  And if the animal name “ringtail” sounds familiar to you, it’s…

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Won’t you join us? Earth Day Celebration 2013

Animal keeper with bird

CuriOdyssey’s Earth Day celebration is something that staff and volunteers look forward to each year. It’s a set-aside day that we pay homage to this amazing planet. It’s also a great time to investigate the science behind what makes this world such an incredible place. This is the sixth year we’ve held our Earth Day…

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CuriOdyssey and Conservation

TomKat Ranch

Conservation projects are an essential part of what we do to fulfill our mission of educating and inspiring people to take care of our earth wisely.  Be it a beach clean-up, an animal-centric project, or one of many other conservation programs, we believe in doing our utmost take care of the planet. This winter, CuriOdyssey…

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Reaching for the Sun


A few weeks ago, President Obama gave his first State of the Union Speech of 2011. In his address, he spent a considerable amount of time focused on the topic of green energy and technology. He likened the country’s current goal of advancement in the green sector to the space race in the 1960s. He…

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