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National Volunteer Week April 2018

By Adele Rios | Wed April 11, 2018

Happy 2018 National Volunteer Week! This is an annual, nationwide observation created to recognize the vital contributions of our country’s volunteers and to encourage individuals to make a difference in their communities through volunteer projects and events. In 2016-2017, volunteers contributed 10,532 hours of service to CuriOdyssey… …assisting with camp, recording animal observations, engaging visitors,…

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Scenes from Bots & Bugs 2018

By Adele Rios | Wed April 11, 2018

Welcome to a photo recap of our exciting Bots & Bugs event that took place Fri, April 6 – Sun, April 8, 2018. We hope your family will join us at our next event (click here to explore)! Special thanks to our guests Beetlelady, FIRST California, Pepper, Starship, iD Tech, Museum of Craft and Design, Giant Cardboard…

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Things to Do with Kids in the Bay Area This Weekend

By CuriOdyssey | Wed April 11, 2018

Things to do with kids in the Bay Area, weekend exclusives for Friday, 04/13/2018 – Sunday, 4/15/2018. As always, CuriOdyssey events can be found on our calendar here. Every weekend we have 2 bonus animal presentations, we hope you’ll join in the fun. Plan your visit here. Friday: Toddler Ramble: Spring Fever! (Hayward, CA) When: Friday, April 13, 2018.…

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Entomophagy: About Eating Bugs

By Anna Maness | Thu March 29, 2018

Sharing something new, just in time for our Bots & Bugs event, April 7 & 8, 2018! What is entomophagy? What does entomophagy mean? The word is composed of two Greek roots words, so if you understand those roots it will help with figuring out the definition.   ‘Entomo’= bug (like in the word ‘entomology’, or the…

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2017 Conservation and Research Report

By Adele Rios | Thu March 15, 2018

In honor of California Wildlife Day 2018 on March 20th, we celebrate this important occasion with a report on CuriOdyssey’s conservation program’s success. You can view the entire 2017 report here. Our program focuses on conservation issues that impact San Mateo County and the native California animals that reside at CuriOdyssey. We accomplish this through participating…

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California Bots & Bugs

By Adele Rios | Fri March 9, 2018

An quick introduction to California’s interesting insects and innovative robots. Engage in person, join in the fun at our special event Bots & Bugs happening April 6-8, 2018. #BotsAndBugs Bots of California What counts as a robot? A robot by definition is a computer programmed machine capable of automatic actions. Though their appearance in pop…

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Domestic Ferrets

By CuriOdyssey | Thu February 22, 2018

Ferrets aren’t allowed in California as pets. Read on to learn why, and how to increase your chances of meeting one in person! What is a ferret, and why can’t I own one in California? Ferrets are a type of mustelid, a carnivorous mammal with an elongated body, short limbs, and small snout! The California…

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Guinea Pigs

By Adele Rios | Thu February 22, 2018

Their teeth are always growing, and they’re a relative of the capybara…. this blog is all about Guinea pigs, and why they make great Animal Ambassadors! Highlight: meet a Guinea pig at our March 2, 2018 First Friday Family Night from 5-8pm. What is a Guinea pig? The Guinea pig, Cavia porcellus (a.k.a. ‘cavies’), is actually a small rodent…

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Raptor Science Resources

By Adele Rios | Tue January 30, 2018

We’re welcoming our Spring 2018 event SWOOP – Drones & Raptors (2/9, 2/10-11 & 2/17-19) with this blog about all things raptor.  View our sibling blog post about all things drones here. What makes a bird a raptor (also known as a bird of prey)? This guide from the Bureau of Land Management is a great reference. In…

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Drone Science Resources

By Adele Rios | Tue January 30, 2018

We’re welcoming our Spring 2018 event SWOOP – Drones & Raptors (2/9, 2/10-11 & 2/17-19) with this blog about all things drones.  View our sibling blog post about all things raptors here. What is a drone? In simple terms: it’s a flying robot! Today, drones are by definition a pilotless, remote-controlled aircraft. Back in the day, experts would have…

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