Our next onsite exhibition “Creature Feetures” will focus on feature comparison.  This exhibition will support the Next Generation Science Standards regarding animal and plant adaptations taught in schools. Skip to content

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Creature Feetures, Volume 2, Reptiles!

Scientific Observation: Feature Comparison!

Our next onsite exhibition Creature Feetures will focus on feature comparison of plants and animals.  This exhibition will support the Next Generation Science Standards regarding animal and plant adaptations taught in schools. In this exhibition, you will see microscopic animals magnified through Igor Siwanowicz’s magnificent photography, use your feet to power an exhibit and get up close to observe CuriOdyssey zoo animals and their widely varying characteristic and features.

Check out our blog post series with videos and experiments to help you develop your own observation skills.  You’ll learn about how plant and animal features developed in response to their environment.

Reptiles: Compare and Contrast

gopher snake

blue-tongued skink

desert tortoise

Watch this CuriOdyssey reptile video.  Look at the different reptiles that you observe (each reptile is shown separately). Listen and watch for feature comparisons.  Try to answer these “creature feetures” questions after observing the reptiles.

  • What types of food does the gopher snake eat? What type of animal does that make this snake – carnivore, herbivore, omnivore?
  • How are the gopher snake and the blue-tongued skink different?  How are they the same?
  • Where does the blue-tongued skink live?  How can skinks can live in so many different habitats? 
  • What features do all three of the reptiles have in common?
  • How are the desert tortoise, the blue-tongued skink, and the gopher snake different?  (Think about their features and characteristics)

Throughout your animal and plant exploration, look out for variations, characteristics, habitats, structures, how the plant or animal is impacted by their environment, the structure and function of their body, and so much more.  All of the “creature feetures” will help you understand animals, plants and even yourself.  Have fun observing, experimenting, and exploring!

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