As of December 4, 2020, CuriOdyssey is temporarily closed to visitors in an effort to ease COVID-19 hospitalizations.
Our mission to inspire love for science and curiosity about the world is never closed, though! Know that your membership provides vital financial support to keep our animals fed, healthy and comfortable and to keep innovative science education in our community. The support of our members is more important than ever as CuriOdyssey, like so many other zoos and museums, grapples with the effects of this second closure.
All memberships renewed or started while CuriOdyssey is closed will receive an additional month of benefits – 13 months instead of 12 from the date of purchase or your current expiration, whichever is later. As with our first closure, members will be the first visitors welcomed back when we are allowed to reopen. Updates on the temporary closure and reopening date can be found on our visit page.