CuriOdyssey aims to accommodate guests with disabilities, learning differences, and language barriers. We strive to design for diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we would be happy to work with you to ensure a wonderful experience during your visit. To reach out about accessibility concerns, please email [email protected].

Accessibility During COVID-19

CuriOdyssey is strongly recommending masks indoors and outdoors for visitors over 2 years of age for the safety of our visitors and animals.

Physical Accessibility

Our front entrance is accessible via ramp, and guests with mobility devices may exit through the front as well. Accessible parking for guests with DMV-issued disability placards is available adjacent to the building, and there is a designated white zone in the museum traffic circle to allow for easier drop off prior to parking.

Visitors attending events or programs in our classroom or outdoor patio can access those spaces via the same ramp.

Our Physics in Action playground, WHOOOSH!, is accessible by many mobility devices. The playground equipment is designed to be inclusive for users of all abilities, ages, and sizes.


All gender restrooms, accessible by mobility devices, are located in the zoo area between the raccoon and otter exhibits.

Sensory Accessibility

Some of our exhibits contain flashing lights, intense lighting, and auditory components. Sound dampeners and sensory stimulation devices are available at the front desk. If a guest needs a sensory safe space, please talk to a Visitor Engagement representative.

IlluminOdyssey, which runs through January 16th in our Redwood Hall, is a colorful adventure to explore, experience and enjoy many facets of light science.

Note: This is a darkened hall with a variety of light-based exhibits and artwork. Visitors with certain photosensitivity may be affected.

Social Story

Click here to view a Social Story of what to expect during your visit to CuriOdyssey.

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome throughout the museum and many parts of the zoo. All service animals must remain on a leash or in a harness at all times. A member of the guest’s party must remain with the animal at all times for the safety of all concerned. Download CuriOdyssey Policy for Service Animals.

Inclusive Summer Camps & Education Programs

Our educational programs and camps are inclusive opportunities for kids with learning differences. Please use our inquiry web form to request more information.