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At Home Science

Explore Science in Action

You can do science anytime, anywhere! Watch our science educators perform wonderful experiments that help explain the amazing world around us. Follow our science exhibits team through DIY projects that inspire. Click on the activities below and find one that’s right for you. Scroll down to see all Science in Action videos. Click on a video with a class date listed to view class information.

For more at-home science activities including online classes, live events and wildlife videos, visit CuriOdyssey At-Home Science

How It Works: Burning Steel Wool

How To: Supercool Water

DIY: Make Ooblek

DIY: Animal Science Pet Play

How It Works: Inside Look at B-52 Mitchell Aircraft Gyroscope

DIY: 20 Simple Ways to Get to Know Nature Near You

DIY: Making Fluorescent Jello

Experiment: Colorful Cabbage Chemistry

DIY: Kitchen Chemistry Playdough

Experiment: Water is Sticky

DIY: Exploring A Redwood Forest

How It Works: Superhydrophobic Coatings

DIY: Make Your Own Craters

DIY: At-Home Fog Bubbles

Experiment: Better Baking Soda & Vinegar

DIY: Science From Your Bathroom Cabinet

DIY: At-Home Wind Tube

DIY: Audible Adventures in Cardboard

Experiment: Try This! Leidenfrost Effect

Experiment: DIY Glue and What To Do

Experiment: Bridge Load Testing

DIY: Invertebrate Hotel (Community Science)

DIY: Edible Kitchen Chemistry

Experiment: Sun Science

DIY: Light A Candle With Science

DIY: Plant Power Kitchen Edition

How It Works: Eggsploration Egg Investigation

DIY: Reimagine Plastic Waste

DIY: Zooniverse (Community Science)

DIY: Eggshell Greenhouse Seed Starter

DIY: Sustainable Choices + Testing Clothing

DIY: Phone Tripod Mount

DIY: iNaturalist (Community Science)

How It Works: Water Sources + Activity

DIY: Rainy Day Play

DIY: At-Home Composting

DIY: Starting A Rain Barrel

DIY: Wildlife Watchers

DIY: Notable Nature

DIY: Make A Gravity Painting

DIY: Make Rainbow Paper

DIY: Make Water Walk

DIY: Acids and Bases

DIY: Make a Thaumatrope

Experiment: Design a Paper Helicopter

DIY: Make A Laughing Cup

DIY: Create Shaving Cream Art


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