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Get Started with Micro-Animals: A Better Way to Teach the Science Behind Microorganisms

Wondering how to find your very own tardigrade? Well, having your own water-bear might be all the hype these days, but this newly released Life Science Kit explores a whole range of micro-animals you’ve probably never heard of. In collaboration with Micro Safari, learning more about the microbes in the world around us has never been easier – covering a whole range of soil organisms, their life-cycle kit doubles as an educational resource about many of the driving forces behind the global ecosystem.

microbe teaching kits

The Micro Safari

The Micro Safari – bring the museum home!

Can’t come to the museum? Bring the museum home! The Micro Safari was created by Soroosh Hedayati, the exhibit developer behind Micro Zoo. Just like in the full-sized exhibit, each kit includes a live micro-ecosystem habitat with 15+ species and 10,000+ individual soil organisms. Also included is a mobile lens to turn your smartphone or tablet into a versatile microscope, and all of the supplies you need to grow and take care of your ecosystem.

Amazingly, the micro-ecosystem will last for several months without feeding or watering. Grow your ecosystem and watch it change as populations evolve, organisms reproduce, and materials decompose.

The Micro Safari was designed for curious minds aged 6+. Micro Safari also offers an optional 10 course NGSS-Aligned homeschool curriculum, developed by CuriOdyssey’s very own Roisin Altrueter, educator extraordinaire.

micro-animal teaching lesson

The Micro Zoo at CuriOdyssey

Micro-animals: Much more than a Bug Kit for Kids

In what’s been dubbed as much more than ‘a bug kit for children,’ Micro Safari’s microbe starter kit provides easy understanding as you and your kids (ages 6+) explore just how alive the world around us really is. The included smartphone microscope brings even the smallest micro animals into view. Hours of interactivity represents a much needed segue between life-size and the (usually) too small to see.

Learn more and purchase at
Use code CURIO15 for $15 off your order. Proceeds from each order go directly to supporting CuriOdyssey.

insect science kit

The Micro Safari kit

See you soon at CuriOdyssey!

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