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Citizen Science: Monarch Migration


Citizen Science: Monarch Migration

Monarchs have been spotted at CuriOdyssey! Monarchs are known visually for their brilliant orange hue and large size, but did you know those in North America migrate considerably far each year? Approximately 2,000 miles far, how about that! National Geographic Kids has a page dedicated to Monarchs, you can view it here. People have long been…

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From A Keeper Apprentice

“It’s always easy to have your heart stolen by the animals you work with, but at CuriOdyssey it was just as easy to have the keepers steal it too.” Please enjoy this blog from our 2016-2017 Keeper Apprentice, Brenda. Dated 08/29/2017 Hello new apprentice! I’m the 2016-2017 apprentice. Before I jump in and tell you…

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CuriOdyssey Bugs Day

Girl with Bug Specimin

Here are a few of the wonderful things that happened during CuriOdyssey’s “Bugs Day!” Dr. Stephanie A. Dole, entomologist, educator and Beetlelady, shared her amazing collection of live bugs and specimens.  She share stories of their evolution, survival and held them for curious kids to touch.  Watch her teach kids how to sing the Insect…

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CuriOdyssey Animal Rescue Day

Green Iguana

Visitors were thrilled to see all the amazing, adorable and adoptable pets from Andy’s Pet Adoption Center on CuriOdyssey’s Animal Rescue Day. Regina, a gorgeous green iguana, greeted guests at the door to CuriOdyssey’s Redwood Hall. Visitors met Poppy, a very friendly Argentine black and white tegu lizard.  Tegus are the only lizard species known…

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CuriOdyssey Raptor Power Day

Spectacled Owl

CuriOdyssey members and visitors celebrated the dinosaurs that survived at Raptor Power Day.  We watched raptors soar,  learned about their role in ecology from raptor conservation experts, and met them up close to learn about the science of their survival and their individual rescue stories. We saw falcons, hawks and eagles soar with falconer, Kenny…

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A Who’s Who of CuriOdyssey’s Raccoons

Have you ever walked past the raccoon exhibit and heard, “That’s the mommy and that’s the daddy!”? If you have, you’re not the only one. CuriOdyssey’s guests are regularly surprised to hear that only two of the raccoons are related and those two are the males, who are smaller than the females. While the keepers…

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Raptor Power: Discover Birds of Prey

In honor of Raptor Power Day, we share photos, fun facts and quirky attributes of different kinds of raptors found in California. As Raptor Power Day approaches, have you wondered what makes raptors unique? Birds of prey, also known as raptors, are predatory birds with special adaptations to help them survive in the wild. All…

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Endangered Species Day is May 19th, 2017

Today is Endangered Species Day! This is an opportunity for people of all ages to learn about the importance of protecting endangered species and everyday actions they can take to help protect them. All species big and small are important in our world Humans are able to both help and hinder other species. What we…

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Science in Our Lives

Seismic Monitor

The benefits of scientific research are applied all through our lives. Medical Science Do you or someone you know use tools for bending light to see? We mean glasses of course. How did this tool come into being? Problem-solving minds circa the early 1200’s are to thank for the glasses we know today (see link…

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Wildlife Devotion

There are a few animal species that display behaviors that look similar to what humans might call love.   3-5% of mammals could be considered monogamous, possibly because multiple parents are needed to ensure the survival of offspring. Owl monkeys take a year to get acquainted before mating, then exhibit behavior that researchers think may illustrate a type of…

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