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CuriOdyssey reopens June 3! Learn more.

Aviaries are Open! CuriOdyssey’s Birds Receive a Clean Bill of Health

Aviaries are Open! CuriOdyssey’s Birds Receive a Clean Bill of Health

Photo of Ishta, one of CuriOdyssey's two golden eagles.

Starting in June, CuriOdyssey visitors will once again be able to visit the birds in our raptor and walkthrough aviaries, previously closed since July 2022 due to concerns surrounding the global outbreak of avian influenza that emerged in late 2021.  ⚠️Unfortunately, CuriOdyssey visitors who care for, or work with, backyard chickens, turkeys, ducks, or geese…

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What’s Going On With Curiodyssey’s Birds?

Harris's Hawk with wings outstretched, perched on glove

Published by: Dr. Kate Sulzner If you visited CuriOdyssey recently, you may have noticed that our raptor and walk-through aviaries are temporarily closed to the public. Our animal care team took this measure as part of a larger plan to protect CuriOdyssey’s birds from an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) that began spreading…

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CuriOdyssey’s Animals Get Vaccinated for COVID – 19

By: Dr. Kate Sulzner CuriOdyssey is pleased to announce that several of our resident animals now have an added layer of protection against COVID-19. On May 5th, 2022, CuriOdyssey’s bobcats, grey fox, ferrets, and river otter all received their first in a series of two COVID-19 boosters. Our veterinary team focused on vaccinating these four…

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CuriOdyssey Makes Way for Charlene the Chuckwalla

CuriOdyssey is proud to welcome our newest resident animal “Charlene” the chuckwalla. Charlene was collected in 2012 by a licensed researcher for a scientific study. After the conclusion of the study, she was kept at the San Francisco State University Herpetology department, only to be recently donated to us in 2021. Please come stop by…

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Where is Frankie the Bobcat?

Frankie the Bobcat Recovering

Where is Frankie, you ask? Well, he has been recovering from an injury he sustained in the early morning hours on June 30th.  During the morning keeper rounds, they noticed that Frankie did not want to come in for breakfast. Frankie loves food more than anything, even more than his friend Caro, so they knew that something must be…

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“Full STEAM Ahead!” – CuriOdyssey’s 2021 Virtual Gala

On Thursday, February 25, 2021, CuriOdyssey hosted its first ever virtual gala, “Full STEAM Ahead!” This event was made possible by Gala Co-Chairs, Julie Lee and Kelly Markson, our board of directors, and all of our generous gala sponsors. You can watch a recording of the virtual gala here. Thanks to the 280 friends who…

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Creature Feetures, Volume 4, Plant Seed Germination


Scientific Observation: Plant germination! Visit our next onsite exhibition “Creature Feetures” to experience animal and plant features – like germination.  This exhibition will help support the NGSS teachings regarding animal and plant adaptations. You will see microscopic animals magnified through Igor Siwanowicz’s magnificent photography, use your feet to power an exhibit and get up close to observe zoo…

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