We have found that children learn best through experiences that inspire them to ask questions, use their senses, and discover for themselves what makes their world work. We offer tailor-made, high quality, immersive and engaging science programs designed specifically for the homeschooling community. CuriOdyssey educators provide each student with an up-close, individualized and impactful experience in science and engineering.

Homeschool Science Discovery Program
Looking for a more in-depth and on-going science exploration for your homeschooled student(s)? CuriOdyssey has developed a series of progressive classes that allow students, 5–13 years old, to expand their exploration of a particular concept and understand the connections between each lesson in the series. Each series is comprised of eight classes, held on Wednesdays, with each class lasting three hours. We provide a low educator to student ratio and group students by age (5–7 & 8–10 & 11–13 year olds) to provide the optimum environment for both social and academic learning. We are committed to providing an experience that will be beneficial and inspiring to both returning and new students.