All facets of this family-friendly exhibition focus on the beauty and characteristics of light**. CuriOdyssey’s approach to education awakens kids’ curiosity, builds critical thinking skills and inspires an interest in science and the natural world. The non-profit outdoor science museum and zoo make serious science and nature exciting and fun for kids.

Inspired by the science of light, this amazing exhibition will thrill guests with fascinating works of interactive luminosity and kid-friendly glowing art.

IlluminOdyssey offers visitors multiple chances to become scientists for a day. Create luminous line drawings.  Use hands as stencils to freeze shadows. Observe complex glowing wave patterns. Create a surprising mosaic or animate a three-dimensional sculpture.  Learn about light, photoluminescence, color, additive light mixing, waves, fluorescence, fluid dynamics,  subtractive color mixing, and geometry.

*Exhibit may close early for select special events

**Note: This is a darkened hall with a variety of light-based exhibits and artwork. Visitors with certain photosensitivities may be affected.