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At CuriOdyssey, we give kids the tools to think like scientists and let them loose to ask “what if,” observe what is, and let the natural world answer their questions.

Support from donors like you helps us offer educational programming and care for the animals who help us teach over 175,000 children and parents about science and wildlife each year. CuriOdyssey’s live animal encounters and education programs, interactive exhibits and classes give children and their families the chance to learn about the important roles animals play in our world. Our science playground and hands-on learning style pave the way for future problem solvers for generations to come.

Animal ambassadors like our golden eagle Ishta, new juvenile opossum Gidget, and baby porcupine Poppy teach children about their habits and habitats and about the importance of protecting our planet.  Thanks to you, we can care the over 100 animals that call CuriOdyssey home with the over 175,000 people who visit us each year.  Many of our animals are native to California and most could not survive in the wild because they were injured or imprinted with humans. 

Our golden eagle pair moved into a larger enclosure a few years ago which offered a broader, more expansive view of the CuriOdyssey grounds and Coyote Point Park. In the new larger space Ishta finally started behaving like an eagle. The donors who helped us build her new enclosure changed Ishta’s life.

You are the reason we can give kids the tools to think like scientists and let them loose to ask “what if,” observe what is and learn about science and wildlife—from actual wildlife.

Your donations help us give children the power to ask “what if” as they learn about science and wildlife. Together, we make a difference in the lives of children and our rescued wildlife:

  • Help care for more than 100 animals who help us teach children about science and wildlife.
  • Create new classes and programs to show more kids the real power of science
  • Build critical thinking skills that will help children grown into problem-solvers of the future.

Please make a gift of any amount, and generous donors will match it dollar-for-dollar, up to $100,000, as part of our Matching Gift Challenge that expires on midnight, December 31.

If you donate $50 or more before December 13, you will be invited to skip the crowds and enjoy IlluminOdyssey: A Winter Light Experience during special private hours on December 13.

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1651 Coyote Point Drive
San Mateo, CA 94401

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CuriOdyssey is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Tax ID 94-1262434

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