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On the mornings of Friday, April 19 and Thursday, April 25, we will have several field trips on site. Please anticipate large groups and a busier campus!


Approaching education the CuriOdyssey way

When you step inside CuriOdyssey, you might see a variety of things. Kids could be huddled around Curving Creeks, working together to build a dam in wet sand. Or they might be turning cranks in quick succession, urging a ball to roll through a circuitous path in our Gears and Gadgets exhibit. If you move further inside, you might spy a school group observing an animal up close.


To the outside observer, it might not be completely clear what’s going on. Kids are obviously having fun – smiling, laughing, and even at times, shouting with glee. They’re experimenting, making mistakes, and trying new things. All of these things are indicative of the educational process at CuriOdyssey.

CuriOdyssey’s goal – through exhibits, education programs, and camps – is to provide up close and personal experiences with the natural world. To do that, we regularly encourage kids to interact directly with phenomena that they see around them every day. We don’t use fake things to teach children about science and nature. Instead, we give them real things to explore – like water, sun images, colored lights, sand, and water. By doing that we stimulate their curiosity and encourage the learning process.


We know that kids are naturally curious and are eager experimenters, so our goal is not to spell out answers in our exhibits and education programs.
Instead, our aim is to encourage and aid observation. Because that’s what really sparks a child’s interest in science and the natural world.

Hear more about our unique educational approach from Rachel Meyer, Executive Director of CuriOdyssey, in her interview on The Executive Report.

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Accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The gold standard for animal care and welfare.
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