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Where is Frankie the Bobcat?

Where is Frankie, you ask? Well, he has been recovering from an injury he sustained in the early morning hours on June 30th.  During the morning keeper rounds, they noticed that Frankie did not want to come in for breakfast. Frankie loves food more than anything, even more than his friend Caro, so they knew that something must be wrong.  Luckily, our animal keepers have spent years building a trusting relationship with both of our bobcats, and this enabled them to get a good look at him. After a brief visual examination, it appeared that sometime in the early morning hours, perhaps during a game of chase with Caro, Frankie had injured one of his toes on his right back paw.  Unfortunately, the injury was severe. To prevent a possible bone infection our veterinarian had to perform a partial amputation of the toe. Because the surgery site must stay clean, we kept Frankie in his night house, where the flooring can be disinfected daily. On average, this type of surgery should heal in about two weeks.  After which, Frankie will be allowed to go back on to exhibit again. Currently, Caro goes out on exhibit daily, allowing Frankie quiet time to rest and recover. Caro comes in every evening to spend the night and keep Frankie company. It is critically important to the relationship between our two bobcats and their overall welfare that they have access to each other daily. This is just one example of CuriOdyssey’s loving care of our animals.        

Frankie the Bobcat Recovering
Frankie the Bobcat recovering in his bed

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