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Science in Our Lives

The benefits of scientific research are applied all through our lives.

Medical Science

Do you or someone you know use tools for bending light to see? We mean glasses of course. How did this tool come into being? Problem-solving minds circa the early 1200’s are to thank for the glasses we know today (see link below). Without optical science, things like glasses, medical x-rays or photos from outer space wouldn’t exist. The tools used today are thanks to inquiring minds using the superpower of science. Support CuriOdyssey with donation, support science education. Curious for more photos from NASA? Explore the history of glasses:

Animal Keeper

Veterinary Science

What does science mean for animals at CuriOdyssey? Well, when people get sick we gather information from others. But what do animals do when they are sick? Thanks to veterinary sciences we know how to detect illness in other animals and help them to heal, even if they cannot tell us directly. Our animal’s wellbeing is thanks to our caring, vigilant and educated animal keepers and veterinarians. You too can make a difference in our animal’s lives through Adopt-An-Animal:

Ozone Layer

Environmental Science and Meteorology

Do you remember the ozone hole scare? With Earth Day recently, we owe a big thanks to environmental scientists. Because of their work, a report from the World Meteorological Organization shares good news: the healing of our ozone. Dive into the data at or watch NASA’s informational video now:

Seismic Monitor

Earth Science and Architecture

What helps a building stay upright in an Earthquake? Yes, it’s a science. Architectural sciences manifest in many ways. They can be expressive and eco-friendly, focusing on safety and functionality for people of all abilities. Explore the ways architectural design matters in Earthquake readiness at, or follow a live seismic monitor at

Penguin Count

Citizen Science

Can anyone contribute to science research? Absolutely. The collection of data by the public for a scientific project is known as ‘citizen science’. Follow the link to help scientists monitor penguin populations.

What Do You Think?

What does science mean to you? Approximately 20% of posts on our community thought board involve animals. Tell us what science means to you online or in person. Did you know that CuriOdyssey works everyday to protect thousands of animals around the Bay? Here’s how:

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