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A Call to Action: Protecting Local Raptors

On May 23, the California Assembly passed the Poison-Free Wildlife Act (AB 2552). Now awaiting Senate approval on June 19, the bill adds further restrictions on the use of deadly anticoagulant rodenticides that continue to poison wildlife such as owls, hawks, eagles, and other species.

“Too many owls and other birds of prey have succumbed to these poisons — we are harming the very animals that help control rodents naturally. A.B. 2552 will help decrease those senseless deaths,” said Lisa Owens Viani, director of Raptors Are The Solution (RATS), a co-sponsor of AB 2552, and one of CuriOdyssey’s conservation partners.

There are many different types of chemicals used in rodenticides, and the most common rodent poisons are known as anticoagulants. An anticoagulant prevents the blood in your body from being able to clot. Poisoning can be caused not only by first-hand ingestion of rodenticides but also by secondary consumption by the animals that eat the sick rodents.

Bernadette the barn owl. Photo: vet tech Kendra Jabin

Raptors, like our barn owl Bernadette, are just one example of a predator who can become fatally ill from eating poisoned rodents. Raptors are bioindicators, meaning they shed light on the overall health of the ecosystems in which they reside. Understanding the impacts of rodenticide use is critically important. Through extensive studies on rodenticide exposure in non-target species, like raptors, research has concluded that wildlife is affected on a global scale. 

Organizations like Raptors Are The Solution have been working diligently in the poison-free movement and supporting legislative advocacy. AB 2552 closes the loopholes on anticoagulants in California by adding chlorophacinone and warfarin to existing legislation about prohibited chemicals in pesticides.

Please consider calling or writing a state senator about your support for AB 2552, you can find contact information here:

Or you can write a brief letter of support at:

Take action before June 19th, 2024 when AB 2552 goes to the state Senate committee hearing.

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