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What is the Meaning of “Science”

What does “science” mean to you?  In a world facing global challenges, facts and science are more important than ever. Here at CuriOdyssey, we have been inviting visitors to post notes to our “Meaning of Science” whiteboard to share their personal thoughts on the meaning of science.  Share your thoughts with us online or add to our board in person. Plan your visit today:

What is Science Whiteboard

What does science mean to our Saturday Science of Art Campers? We interpret these 1st-3rd graders have the ocean, the Earth’s atmosphere and animals, space exploration and useful tools on the brain. A child you know can experience dialogue like this, too. More info about opportunities with us:



What would life be like without vaccines? It is thanks to science that we have vaccines, and vaccine access protects people from diseases like whooping cough, polio, measles and more. This is one reason why CuriOdyssey supports science. So how would life be without vaccines? The CDC connects the dots on how it works and why it matters:

Nutrition Label

Food Science

How do we know what certain foods are made of, or if they are safe to eat? Did you know children under 1 cannot have honey? This kind of info is listed on the label. Beyond upholding food safety, nutritional science is responsible for nutritional facts on labels. These labels save lives. A lot of science goes into the everyday, like the safety of our food. Another reason why CuriOdyssey is a non-profit dedicated to science education. The U.S. nutritional label is getting an update, what do you think?

Bending Light

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