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How can I help? Thinking about how to approach such a large-scale challenge like plastic misuse and pollution can be overwhelming. We’ve compiled a list of “R” actions to inspire you on where to start! Remember, the world doesn’t necessarily need one person doing it “perfectly” – just a whole lot of people trying. 


This is #1 – the best way to be sure less plastic ends up in the environment is to use less plastic! 


Rethink or Reinvent 

Many single-use plastic objects that we use daily and are considered ‘normal’ do not have to be the norm (do we really need single-use plastic water bottles?). As consumers, we are empowered to ask companies to rethink – to do better and use less plastic packaging. Humans are incredibly intelligent – we can rethink and redesign how products are designed to use less single-use packaging.



When we do buy something, make sure you use it for as long as possible to extend its life and shop second hand.  

Resources: REI used gear sale, Buffalo Exchange, Plato’s Closet, Thread Up, etc. 



If it’s broke, fix it! Consider giving your item another life instead of replacing it entirely.

Find online resources to help you fix the things that break, or protect things that haven’t – yet! Patagonia free repairs, local sewing classes, fix-it clinics throughout the bay area, EPA’s infographic about the life cycle of a cell phone.



Divert from the landfill by recycling. Where does your recycling go if you throw it in the trash? SPOILER: No one saves that plastic – it ends up in landfill, which ONLY breaks down into SMALLER particles of plastic pollution… ick, microplastics.  


Thank you for looking for resources – the environment depends on us, individuals and businesses alike. Find us online – #DefyPlasticJuly #PlasticFreeJuly #CuriOdyssey

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