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CuriOdyssey Animal Rescue Day

Visitors were thrilled to see all the amazing, adorable and adoptable pets from Andy’s Pet Adoption Center on CuriOdyssey’s Animal Rescue Day.

Regina, a gorgeous green iguana, greeted guests at the door to CuriOdyssey’s Redwood Hall.

Green Iguana

Visitors met Poppy, a very friendly Argentine black and white tegu lizard.  Tegus are the only lizard species known to thermoregulate body temperature! Click here to see her tongue!

Argentine Tegu

Visitors saw color come alive on Rio, the Brazilian rainbow boa, in the sunlight. His keeled scales appear iridescent as they refract sunlight.  Click here to see him moving in the sunlight to show his beautiful colors!

Rainbow Boa

Have you ever seen a chameleon’s colors?  Click here to see Spot, Andy’s Pet Adoption Center’s veiled chameleon, explores his environment.

Veiled Chameleon

When is the last time you could pat a python?

Burmise Python

Other adoptable animals included a leopard gecko, bearded dragon, pacman frog and African sideneck turtle.  There were even hissing cockroaches!

Hissing Cockroach

Sunny the craned Amazon parrot checked out the scene.

Craned Parrot

Don’t miss CuriOdyssey’s next S.T.E.A.M. event!

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