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Animal Defenses

Have you ever felt scared? What did you do? Did your body react? When we feel scared our bodies naturally respond to whatever it is that makes us afraid. For example, if we hear a loud sound we might hold still or feel our heart beat faster. We have natural defense mechanisms to help us stay safe. Animals also have natural defenses that help them to stay safe in the wild. Here are some examples of the different ways animals can defend themselves.

Birds, mammals and reptiles can use their patterns to blend in to the bark of a tree. Animal coloring blends among trees: owl, bobcat, reptile

Reptiles, amphibians and insects can use their colors to disguise themselves in their environment. Snake, spider on flower, insect on wood

Insects will often use their markings to mimic another type of animal. Walking stick insect, insect disguised as leaf, spotted caterpillar

Animals that are poisonous will have bright colors to warn off predators. striped frog, spotted octopus, frog

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