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A Who’s Who of CuriOdyssey’s Raccoons

Have you ever walked past the raccoon exhibit and heard, “That’s the mommy and that’s the daddy!”? If you have, you’re not the only one. CuriOdyssey’s guests are regularly surprised to hear that only two of the raccoons are related and those two are the males, who are smaller than the females. While the keepers can (usually) tell the difference between the four raccoons, it might be helpful to know some of the identification markers the keepers use to distinguish each of them.


JIMMY (Male. 14 lbs.)

Born in captivity at Audubon Zoo in 2014. Came to CuriOdyssey with his brother Drew in 2015.

  • One of the two smaller raccoons.
  • Has a “black cap” of defined dark fur on his head.
  • White above his mask and around his muzzle.
  • Ears are wide set.


DREW (Male. 15 lbs..)

Born in captivity at Audubon Zoo in 2014. Came to CuriOdyssey with his brother Jimmy in 2015.

  • One of the two smaller raccoons.
  • Mask reaches out horizontally across his face.
  • Face and tail have yellowish fur.
  • Ears are wide set.


TILLY (Female. 19 lbs.)

Born in 2010. Imprinted on humans and was held at Chattanooga Zoo until she came to CuriOdyssey in 2013.

  • Largest of our raccoons.
  • “Footstool” shaped.
  • Long fur that barely clears the ground.
  • Light colored head.
  • Black mask drapes down the sides of her face.


PEBBLES (Female. 16 lbs.)

Born in 2013. Raised as a pet in Wisconsin. Came to CuriOdyssey in 2013.






  • Her coat changes with the seasons (Spring on top. Summer middle. Winter bottom.)
  • Seems to have a “confused” look year-round.
  • Ears sit close together.
  • Her back feet are pigeon-toed.


Photos by Megan Hankins & Jen Gale



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