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2018 Commuter Challenge

The 2018 Commuter Challenge at CuriOdyssey.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint.

Did you know? The Bay Area Commuter Challenge is an annual event!

The Bay Area Commuter Challenge runs during April & May every year.

CuriOdyssey strives to be a leader in conservation and sustainability in our community. We are committed to taking action to help ensure a more sustainable future for our next generation of scientists and community members. We took a look at our carbon footprint and how to reduce it!

Sustainability & Commuting

Reducing our emissions of heat trapping gasses, like CO2 from cars, will help to slow the pace of global climate change. This is critical for working towards more stable weather patterns, secured food futures, reduced sea level rise, survival of species, and more.

CuriOdyssey’s Conservation Crew

Our Conservation Crew organized a challenge for our staff to try out carbon cutting commutes during April and May.

  • 20 staff participated and prevented 2753.7 pounds (almost 1.5 tons!) of carbon emissions by carpooling, biking, taking public transportation, avoiding peak commuting hours, and working from home!

Climate change is a major global challenge, but the good news is that we understand the cause and sources and therefore can easily identify actions that we can take to slow its pace. Working together as a community, we’ve got this!

10 ways that your family can reduce your carbon footprint too!

Summarized excerpt from this article:

  1. Reduce your trash output.
  2. Make ‘recycle & reuse’ your motto.
  3. Go paperless.
  4. Pass on plastic.
  5. Get growing.
  6. Watch the thermostat.
  7. Use CFL or LED lights.
  8. Opt for efficient appliances.
  9. Choose sustainable goods.
  10. Park your car.

There are great ideas all over the internet, with brilliant makers brainstorming ways to make family conservation more accessible, easy, and fun to do! Thank you for caring.

Join us online. #CuriOdyssey #FamilyConservation

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