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Are you interested in a fun, artistic way to save money this holiday season? Try making your own holiday gift wrap!  The ideas we like the best are ones that minimize cost, use what is already available in your house, and can be reused as much as possible. Here are some ideas for you to try!

Ice Swirl Gift Wrap

Would you try some artistic and fun eco-gift wrap ideas? Ice swirl gift wrap is pretty and resuable!

Colander, bowl of ice cubes, rubber bands, fabric, gloves, Tulip one step tie-dye bottles

Gather this:

  • one step tie dye powder
  • rubber bands
  • rubber gloves
  • colander
  • ice cubes
  • tray
  • white or neutral colored cotton cloth (Conservation tip: Upcycle an old shirt or sheet if you don’t want to buy new fabric.)

Read the How-To HERE.

Bubble Art Gift Wrap

Do you want to try an eco-friendly alternative to holiday wrapping paper? It’s recyclable and artistically beautiful!

Gather this:

  • Brown, pink or white butcher paper
  • Newspaper
  • Tempera paint
  • Dawn soap
  • Water
  • Glycerin or karo syrup (it helps but isn’t necessary).
  • 4 oz cups, or other small cups
  • Straw
  • Cookie sheet, (cafeteria tray shown) with shallow lip

Read the How-To HERE.

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