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Animal Stories: Boa Constrictor

This is the final post in a series about our animals who are former pets, like our skunkdesert tortoises, and ferrets.

Our Central America boa constrictor is an animal that is sadly, surrendered often. “MaryAnn” came to us from Recycled Reptiles in 2007. Boas are illegal to have as pets in the San Francisco Bay Area and like tortoises, have important heating and lighting requirements. They are often sold as babies and grow roughly 12 feet long and can live more than 30 years. Many people who purchase baby boas do not expect them to grow so large, or they realize too late the significant commitment it is to care for a boa. As a result, the boas are often surrendered or released into the wild. Pets that are released into the wild can impact ecosystems tremendously. The former pet Burmese pythons living in the Florida Everglades are great example of how native wildlife can suffer from non-native invasive species.


Since coming to CuriOdyssey, MaryAnn has been well taken care of. Thanks to our Facebook fans who voted on which enrichment item she should get, MaryAnn enjoyed sun-bathing in a Barbie Jeep last year! She also gets bathed three times a week- sometimes with dried hibiscus flowers. MaryAnn is also one of our most impressive education animals and gets plenty of attention during our Animal Presentations.

Although some animals may seem like great pets, it is important to know what animals are legal to have in your area. All wild animals are unpredictable because they have not been bred based on temperament to thrive in a domestic setting. By visiting CuriOdyssey, visitors can observe and learn about these animals without having to care for them- the best of both worlds!

[post and photo by Rachael Rufino]

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