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To celebrate Library Card Sign-Up Month during the month of September, 2019, San Mateo County Libraries offer limited-edition library cards with CuriOdyssey’s animalson the cards! These limited-edition library cards feature colorful depictions of some of CuriOdyssey’s most popular animals.

Current or new eligible library patrons can get one of these beautiful, new cards at one of twelve San Mateo County libraries during the month of September.  Library patrons who need a little help choosing a limited-edition animal card can take a cute, online quiz (see HERE) to find out which animal best suits them.

As part of the partnership program, CuriOdyssey zookeepers will bring some of their favorite animals to San Mateo County libraries, allowing library patrons to get a close-up view of these special critters. The zookeepers will also share fun facts about their animals. For instance, do you know why the Blue-tongued skink has a colorful tongue?

These fun, new library cards double as a free ticket to CuriOdyssey on Saturday, October 5 and Saturday, November 16, 2019. Library patrons can simply show their animal library card at CuriOdyssey’s ticket window for free admission on those two dates. One animal library card is valid for one entry, so each member of a family needs their own libary card for free admission.  These libary cardholders also get a 10% discount at CuriOdyssey’s store on these dates.

For more information on this limited-edition CuriOdyssey San Mateo County Library card program , visit

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