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What’s inside a Leaf?

By CuriOdyssey | January 6, 2017

    With a few simple home ingredients you can remove the cellulose in a leaf and reduce it to its lignin skeleton! Be sure to have an adult help you out with this experiment! Process We start off by creating our solution – Mix 2 cups of water and 4 teaspoons of washing soda…

Animal Defenses

By Laurie Wagner | December 8, 2016

Have you ever felt scared? What did you do? Did your body react? When we feel scared our bodies naturally respond to whatever it is that makes us afraid. For example, if we hear a loud sound we might hold still or feel our heart beat faster. We have natural defense mechanisms to help us…

5 Animal Species Who Use Tools

By Laurie Wagner | September 27, 2016

For years, humans thought they  were the only creatures to use tools. But it’s not true!  Certain animal species use tools to eat, play and survive. Here are just five species who use tools in everyday activities. Who Used Tools First,  Humans or Monkeys? Did humans first learn to use tools by observing monkeys use…

Five innovators you’ve never heard of

By Laurie Wagner | August 24, 2016

Give it up for these innovators in science! We have these five creators, researchers and inventors to thank for very disparate things – like the discovery of the Plesiosaur, raincoats that keep us dry and the piano to keep us entertained!  Read on to find out which incredible minds we have to thank – and…

5 surprising facts about your tongue

By Laurie Wagner | July 30, 2016

1) Your taste buds tell your brain what food tastes like. Your tongue has bumps called “papillae,” and each of them is covered by “taste buds.” Each taste bud is made up of 50-100 gustatory receptor cells that send messages to your brain about what your food tastes like. The receptor cells can sense sweet,…

San Francisco Business Times | CuriOdyssey announces $35 million rebuilding campaign to give more kids the superpower of science

By Laurie Wagner | October 23, 2015

CuriOdyssey announced today they have received landmark contributions totaling $19 million to create a “world-class, serious science playground” in San Mateo. Comprising more than 50 percent of a projected $35 million campaign goal, these leadership gifts ignite CuriOdyssey’s plans to modernize and completely remake its building, vastly increase its usable space to triple exhibit and…

San Jose Mercury News | CuriOdyssey seeks $35 million for major renovation

By Laurie Wagner | October 23, 2015

Nearly a decade after financial problems threatened to shutter the children’s museum, CuriOdyssey is back on its feet and ready to unveil an ambitious new vision. The science- and nature-themed museum on Saturday will launch the public phase of a $35 million fundraising campaign to pay for a major renovation that will triple its exhibit…

San Mateo Daily Journal announces CuriOdyssey's Capital Campaign

By Laurie Wagner | October 23, 2015

From an up close encounter with a friendly otter to seeing how reflections alters one’s perception, the opportunities to explore curiosity at CuriOdyssey will grow tremendously as the nonprofit revealed a $35 million revamp is in the works. Read article

Happy 4th from our most patriotic -looking birds!

By Hillary Hempstead | July 9, 2015

Happy fourth of July! We’re celebrating this day by spotlighting our two most patriotic-looking birds, our golden eagles. CuriOdyssey is home to two golden eagles, one female, Ishta, and one male, Oro.  Ishta came to us in 2000 after she was hit by a car and sustained internal injuries, in addition to a fractured beak…

Exploring Prisms + Sunlight

By Hillary Hempstead | June 29, 2015

Did you know that rainbows are caused by an aspect of refraction called dispersion? Light waves of different frequencies (colors) bend different amounts. In most cases, this is not noticeable, but prisms make use of this to spread out the spectrum so we can see all of the colors. Violet light bends the most, with…

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