Backyard Science

Where do you go to experiment with science? Does it only take place in a classroom or lab? In reality, science is all around us – even in our own backyards!

CuriOdyssey’s newest exhibit, Backyard Science, removes science from the lab and gives it a home in CuriOdyssey’s gardens. Experiment with ambient sound tubes, listen with a giant ear, and test what it’s like to have “superhuman” vision! Kids of all ages can experience scientific phenomena through these curiosity-inspiring, hands-on exhibits.

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Special thanks to our exhibition underwriters: Winifred Johnson Clive Foundation, Moore Family Foundation, The Bernard Osher Foundation, The Andrew Sabin Family Foundation, and the Smyth family (in honor of Lily and Alex).

Curious about the exhibit? Check out this short video that showcases the exhibit: