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On the mornings of Friday, April 19 and Thursday, April 25, we will have several field trips on site. Please anticipate large groups and a busier campus!



Creature FEETures - An Outdoor Exhibition

Microscopic Animal Anatomy & FOOT-POWERED Exhibits

  • Wander through an outdoor gallery of neurobiologist Dr. Igor Siwanowicz’s exquisite photography and learn about the anatomy of the world’s smallest creatures captured with a digital camera and confocal microscope.
  • Play safely outdoors with four of your favorite CuriOdyssey exhibits, redesigned to be operated by your foot (no touch!).
  • Explore the adaptations of your favorite CuriOdyssey animals’ feet through life-size castings of their tracks.

About Igor Siwanowicz

Dr. Igor Siwanowicz is an accomplished biochemist and neurobiologist who is renowned for his exquisite photography of tiny creatures. Siwanowicz started his career in biochemistry, but his love for animals, nature, and a desire to see the bigger picture drove him to re-focus his scientific discipline to neurobiology. By the time he made his career shift, digital photography had drastically improved, and microscopy was a key tool in neurobiological research. His love for nature, the improved tools available, and its importance to his work made beginning to practice microscopy seem like a natural progression for Siwanowicz.

CuriOdyssey Outdoors:
Nature of Patterns

Explore and make your own crayon rubbing from each exhibit to take home with you. Learn about symmetries, fractals, cracks, flow and chaos, waves and dunes, bubbles and foam.

CuriOdyssey Outdoors:

Explore the wonder of visual perception with CuriOdyssey’s new outdoor exhibition, Illusions. Observe phenomena in color, patterns and position that will mesmerize, transfix and make you question your visual sense and perception of reality

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