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Update – CuriOdyssey Terminates the Employment of Carl Oosterman

Dear CuriOdyssey families,

Today I am reaching out to our current and past CuriOdyssey, Leaders In Training (LIT) counselor and homeschool families regarding further developments regarding the very serious matter involving former CuriOdyssey employee and Director of Education Carl Oosterman. As you may already know from a previous letter or CuriOdyssey’s public statement, dated July 14, Mr. Oosterman’s employment was recently terminated as a result of an extremely disturbing incident at a local department store.

This incident was brought to our attention by a private watchdog group. It is our understanding that a person allegedly affiliated with this group posed as a minor on a social media platform and purportedly communicated with Mr. Oosterman on his personal cell phone about a meeting. While the incident at the department store did not involve anyone at our summer and seasonal camps or students at our museum, we were shocked and outraged by his behavior that is contrary to our mission and all that we stand for.

We promptly informed law enforcement and continue to stay in touch with the authorities.

Mr. Oosterman worked for CuriOdyssey for 17 years. During that time, he was in contact with children at our summer and seasonal camps, homeschool students and LIT counselors. At this point, I want to reiterate that our internal investigation has revealed no reports of misconduct or child safety concerns raised about Mr. Oosterman during his 17-year tenure at CuriOdyssey, nor are we aware of any concerns about any other employees.

In order to continue our internal investigation, we are asking for the assistance of our CuriOdyssey families.

If you believe your child or anyone else was affected by any inappropriate conduct by Mr. Oosterman or any current or former faculty or staff member while at CuriOdyssey, please contact me at [email protected] Any communication will be treated as confidentially as possible. We will take appropriate next steps should we learn of reports of misconduct and inform our community of what we have learned.

We are attempting to contact all camp, homeschool and LIT counselor families who participated in our programs during Mr. Oosterman’s tenure. Contact information in our database may be incomplete or out of date, so we ask that you pass this communication along to any other families that you know might have attended our programs or encourage them to contact me directly. You can also direct them to our website where our public statements on this subject are posted.

We remain focused on providing a safe learning environment free from inappropriate or unwelcome behavior by any member of our faculty or staff. We will continue to be as transparent as we can as this process progresses, keeping in mind that we will always respect the privacy of the members of our community.

As always, my door remains open.

With gratitude for your partnership,

Aragon Burlingham

Executive Director

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