Schools & Groups

Schools & Groups

CuriOdyssey: your partner in hands-on science education.

All of our programs are designed to support the Next Generation Science Standards and the science curriculum you develop for your school, classroom and students. We will work with you to provide a memorable experience either at CuriOdyssey or at your school site. We provide a safe learning environment that encourages exploration and discovery.

Choose from:

  • Science workshops
  • Animal presentations
  • Self-guided visits
  • Mobile Museum, and more

The CuriOdyssey Approach: Our programs engage students in experiences and interactions with phenomena that encourages questions, uses all of their senses, and fosters critical thinking – plus, they are fun! This approach aligns with the “Next Generation Science Standards” and actively involves students in enjoyable science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning.

To find the best program or visit for your group, choose your group below to get started.

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For preschool teachers looking for a program at CuriOdyssey or your school site

K-6 Elementary Schools
For elementary school teachers looking for a program at CuriOdyssey or your school site

For homeschooling parents looking for a program for your child or children

Self-Guided Groups
For school or other group leaders looking for a group visit to CuriOdyssey

For scout group leaders looking for a program for your scouts

High Schools and Colleges
For teachers and professors looking for programs related to Operant Conditioning


The museum is accessible by wheelchair and strollers. Accessible parking for guests with disabilities is available adjacent to the building.

There is a designated white zone next to the museum in the traffic circle for easier drop-off (right next to wheelchair ramp) prior to parking.

Contact us: For more information or to book a visit/program contact Group Reservations at (650) 340-7598 or

School programs depend heavily on community support. Thank you to these funders for their contributions: