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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore frequently asked questions about visiting CuriOdyssey. 

General Questions

What is currently open at CuriOdyssey?
During the daytime, only CuriOdyssey's outdoor zoo, outdoor exhibits Illusions and The Nature of Patterns, The CuriOdyssey Shop and outdoor restrooms are open. The online CuriOdyssey Shop and At Home Science Center are also available 24 hours a day.

What is closed?
The walk-through aviary, picnic area, indoor restrooms and indoor science exhibitions are closed.

When will the rest of CuriOdyssey reopen?
We will reopen indoor exhibits only when it is deemed safe to do so by county health authorities.

Is the CuriOdyssey Shop open?
Yes! Only one family at a time can enter to maintain social distancing. The CuriOdyssey Shop is open online 24 hours a day!

Will there be Animals in Action or animal feeding presentations?
To maintain social distancing, there are no live Animals in Action presentations or scheduled animal feedings. Click here to see Animals in Action videos.

Are you allowing rideshare drop-offs?
Yes. Rideshare drop-off is at the roundabout at the top of the parking area.

Which parking areas may I use?
Members and guests may park in the Eucalyptus Grove parking lot, the Marina parking lot, or the Captain’s House parking lot. If you’ve paid for a daily parking pass from the county park, you may also use this parking pass at the Beach parking lot and the Magic Mountain Playground parking lot.

Did you change the entrance and exits at CuriOdyssey?
Yes. To ensure six feet of social distancing we created a one-way route. Enter via the Redwood Grove ramp leading up to our front gate. Check in at the outdoor desk and take a one-way path through the garden and zoo (the zoo loop). Exit through the concourse, out our back door and through our new Bay View Grove around the building to the top of the Eucalyptus Grove parking area. Feel free to enjoy Coyote Point Park before and after your visit.

Where are we allowed to eat at CuriOdyssey?
At this time, we ask that all people leave CuriOdyssey before eating or drinking. If you do need to take a sip of water, please stay in one place and keep your mask on, only lifting the mask off the lower portion of your face until you finish drinking. Please make sure your mask is fully covering your mouth and nose before moving again. There are many picnic areas throughout Coyote Point Recreation Area to enjoy your snacks.

Is there a dedicated area for breastfeeding?
With indoor areas closed, we do not have any private areas for breastfeeding.

Is there a changing table available?
Yes, one of our outdoor restrooms has a changing table.


How do I purchase tickets to visit CuriOdyssey?
We encourage all members and guests to reserve tickets online prior to their visit. Drop-ins are welcome 15 minutes after the hour. There may be a wait. Tickets are sold on the hour.

As a member, do I still need to get tickets or can I just show my member card as in the past?
All members and guests are encouraged to reserve a timed ticket. Drop-ins are welcome 15 minutes after the hour. There may be a wait. As a member, you will not be charged for the tickets of the people named on your membership. Please bring your tickets, member card and photo ID with you when you visit.

What if I don’t have a credit or debit card to purchase tickets?
If you need to pay cash or by check for a ticket, please contact CuriOdyssey at (650) 342-7755 or [email protected] at least one week before your planned visit date.

How do I get discounted tickets for Museums for All, reciprocal program, etc.?
For discount ticket information, contact CuriOdyssey at (650) 342-7755 or [email protected] at least one week before your planned visit date. Please complete the discount ticket request form.

General Well-Being and Enhanced Wellness

How are you addressing the safety of facilities at CuriOdyssey?
Based on guidance from health authorities, CuriOdyssey’s reopening incorporates enhanced safety measures, including increased cleaning procedures, the use of masks by staff members, volunteers, members and guests, limited-contact ticketing and additional safety training and information. We are committed to a responsible reopening of CuriOdyssey.

Are hand sanitizers or hand-washing stations available?
Yes. Hand sanitizing stations are located throughout CuriOdyssey including: the entrance, exit, CuriOdyssey Shop, outdoor restrooms and animal exhibit hallway.

How are you addressing the cleanliness of equipment that members and guests use with the science exhibits?
Hands-on interactive science exhibits are not available. For the zoo and gardens, we have incorporated enhanced safety measures and cleaning procedures.

Temperature Screening

Will I be required to go through a temperature screening station at CuriOdyssey?
No. Please take your temperature at home before visiting CuriOdyssey. Based on guidance from health authorities, if you or anyone in your party has a temperature of 100.4 F or above, please stay home. When you arrive at CuriOdyssey, we will inquire regarding the current health status of everyone in your party. If anyone is displaying specific symptoms or reports a temperature, we will ask you and your party to return on a different date. We will help you with rescheduling your tickets.

Masks and Face Coverings

Are masks or face coverings required to enter CuriOdyssey?
Yes, the use of appropriate face coverings is required for guests ages 2 and up throughout your visit to CuriOdyssey. Staff members and volunteers are required to wear face coverings while at CuriOdyssey. Face shields alone are not sufficient according to the CDC. Please wear a mask with your face shield. Please read these CDC guidelines for mask usage.

What types of masks or face coverings are appropriate? Masks and face coverings should be free from holes and valves, cover both the nose and the mouth completely, and be free from gaps around the nose and mouth. If wearing face shields, they must be worn with a face mask or face covering that meets these standards as well. Please read these CDC guidelines for mask usage.

What if I forgot my mask? Are masks provided to members or guests, or are they available for purchase?
The use of appropriate face coverings by staff members, volunteers, members and guests is required for all people of your party ages 2 and up during your visit to CuriOdyssey. We will have reusable masks for purchase in adult and child sizes. We also have a limited supply of disposable masks available for free; however, members and guests without masks will not be allowed entry to CuriOdyssey.

What if I don’t want to wear a mask?
Members and guests without face coverings or masks are not allowed into CuriOdyssey.

I can’t wear a face covering for medical/physical issues. Can I still come to CuriOdyssey?
In order to be allowed into CuriOdyssey without a face covering, you or the individual in your party requiring the exception, may be asked to show a written exemption from a medical professional (to the county-mandated face covering order) based on the individual’s medical condition, other health concern, or disability. When not able to wear a mask due to the aforementioned reasons, we ask for your help in complying to guidelines by maintaining adequate social distance between other guests not in your family group. We also recommend visiting after 12pm when the number of visitors decreases and will allow for greater distance between families.

Physical Distancing and Capacity

How are physical distancing guidelines enforced?
Managing density within CuriOdyssey is a major consideration as we implement physical distancing guidelines based on recommendations from health authorities and government officials. One of the ways to do that is to limit the number of members and guests at any given time by having pre-purchased online timed ticketing. One-way and other directional signage are installed to assist members and guests to responsibly move throughout the property. Additionally, ground markings are installed to allow for proper physical distancing for queuing.

How are you limiting capacity at CuriOdyssey?
We determined our maximum number of guests per timed ticket timeslot based upon the number of linear feet within our outdoor zoo and garden.

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