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Summer Camps

Tips for Camp Registration

Many camps fill up quickly and preparation ahead is highly recommended.  Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and you can only register for camp online.

Camp Registration Opens Monday, February 1, 2021 at 9:00pm.

To register for camp:

  • Your membership MUST be current at the time of registration.

    Lapsed memberships are the #1 reason camp registrations are cancelled. CuriOdyssey staff verify membership status and children on the membership after your registration is complete.  Your membership is NOT verified during the registration process.  Check the expiration date on your membership card; if it expires before your registration date, RENEW your membership!  Because memberships are tax-deductible donations, they are non-refundable. Having a membership does not guarantee you a spot in camp.

  • The children you register MUST be on YOUR membership.

    Because camp is impacted we only allow children living in the household of the member to be registered by that member. Members who register their friend’s children, even if the friend is a member, or children not on their membership (nieces/nephews or children visiting from out of town) will be cancelled.  You can contact our membership manager to ensure that your children are on your membership.

Here are some additional tips to minimize stress and increase the possibility of getting into the camps you wish:

  • 1.
    Know which camp(s) and camp week(s) you want ahead of time.

    You may view the Camp Schedule At-a-Glance to plan which camps you want.  It’s a good idea to have back up camps/weeks in mind if your first choice fills up. If you register and pay for the incorrect camp you will need to cancel that camp and the correct camp may be full.

  • 2.
    Coordinate with your friends in advance.

    If you are trying to have your child in the same camp as a friend have as many options as possible.  If you register for camp and then want to cancel because you didn’t get in with a friend, all the cancellation fees will apply.

  • 3.
    Select ALL the camps for ALL your children.

    When putting camps in your cart, be sure to select all the camps you want for all your children.  If you register one child at a time, camps will likely fill up.  We cannot guarantee you will be able to register siblings for the same week.  If you cancel a camp for a child because the sibling is on a waitlist or did not get into camp, all the cancellation fees will apply.

  • 4.
    Update your internet browser to the most recent version.

    Having an older version of your internet browser may create interface issues that can slow down or prevent you from registering.

  • 5.
    If you already have an account be sure to have (or reset) your password.

    With your account, you can update your contact information. Doing this ahead means you won’t be spending time updating during the registration process. Your account is NOT your CuriOdyssey membership so updating one does not update the other.

  • 6.
    Go to the Active Network CuriOdyssey Programs page prior to 9:00pm.

    We highly recommend going to the camp registration page prior to the start of camp registration at 9:00 pm. This will minimize any slow down that might occur on CuriOdyssey's website due to high traffic. At 9:00 pm on registration night, refresh the web page until you see the orange "view" button next to Camp CuriOdyssey 2021.

  • 7.
    Have all your registration information ready.

    We do ask for medical information, emergency contacts, and information about your camper, such as birth date, entering grade and school. Having this information ahead of time is particularly important if you don’t have an account with Active Network and are registering for camp for the first time.

  • 8.
    Have a back-up credit card or payment method.

    Is your main credit card expiring or have you changed credit cards?  If you used a credit card last year to pay for camp, Active Network uses that card to pay for your registration; however, that card won’t work if it is expired.

  • 9.
    Get on the waiting list.

    If a camp is full, we highly recommend that you complete your registration and get on a waiting list.  There is no charge and we will fill any camp openings from the waiting lists. Each registration period we have cancellations because of lapsed memberships, changing summer plans, or someone chose the incorrect camp.  Please wait until February 8th to contact us to see what number your child is on a waiting list.

Although we cannot guarantee a camp spot if these tips are followed, we hope some planning and preparation may increase your chance of getting into and experiencing one of the Peninsula’s premier summer programs.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  We are happy to help make camp registration as smooth a process as possible.

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