$8 - Children (under 2 years old FREE)
$11 - Adults
$7 - Students (13-17) & Seniors (62+)

Tues - Sun, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
OPEN MEMORIAL DAY 10a.m. - 5 p.m.
Sunday, June 4:  1 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Birthday Parties

Frequent Answered Questions

What birthday party packages does CuriOdyssey offer?

CuriOdyssey offers five options for birthday parties:
1. the Classroom Celebration for 24 or fewer people
2. the Exploration Celebration for 24 people or fewer (which includes an educational program)
3. the Stair Step Shindig for 25 to 49 people
4. the Redwood Hall Revelry for 50 people or fewer
5. the Build-A-Birthday party for parties of more than 50 people and/or more than two hours of party time

All of our guest counts include the host family, guest of honor, and all adults and children.

How do I choose a birthday party package?

We recommend you first determine how many people you will invite to your party, and narrow down your choices from there.

  • For 24 people or fewer, you can choose to have a standard Classroom party or a party with an educational program.
  • For 25 or more people, you can choose between the Redwood Hall Revelry and the Stair Step Shindig.
  • We recommend the Redwood Hall if you are unsure of your guest count, as this space is flexible for more people and more time.

How much are your birthday parties?

  •   The Redwood Hall Revelry is $550.
  •   The Stair Step Shindig is $550.
  •   The Classroom Celebration is $325.
  •   The Exploration Celebration, which includes an educational program, is $500.
  •   The Build-A-Birthday has an hourly fee, from $275/hour up to $400/hour, depending on how many guests are expected.

Party hosts with a current CuriOdyssey membership receive a discount of 10%-20% off, depending on their membership level.

When do you offer birthday parties?

Parties are offered on Saturdays and Sundays only, during our open hours. Please see our birthday reservation form for specific time frames. The Exploration Celebration parties are available on Saturdays only, October through May, depending on staff availability.

Do you offer animal presentations or other educational activities for my party?

Only the Exploration Celebration has an educational program component. You can choose from one of three offerings: Wild Survival Animal Presentation, Build It Up Birthday, or Marvelous Marble Roller Coaster. Educational programs cannot be added to any other party package.

What does my birthday party include?

Your party package includes:

  • Two hours in the private party room
  • 30 minutes for setup beforehand, and 15 minutes for cleanup afterward
  • All your guests will receive free parking and all-day admission to CuriOdyssey.
  • CuriOdyssey will provide and set up tables, chairs and bins for trash and recycling.
  • Our tables are 8ft x 2.5ft and 6ft x 2.5ft.
  • CuriOdyssey staff will not be available to help set up, facilitate or break down your party.
  • CuriOdyssey does not provide linens or tableware. Choose linens that fit both 8’ and 6’ tables, as we may not know in advance what size tables we are able to provide.

Can I bring decorations?

Yes! You can bring in any decorations as long as there are no balloons, noisemakers, or piñatas. Please make sure these items are not in any goodie bags as well. You have 30 minutes to set up prior to the start of your party, and 15 minutes afterward to clean up, so plan your decorations accordingly.

What if I have more guests than expected?

If you know prior to the party that more guests will attend, let us know and we will help you choose the appropriate package. On the day of the party, if you are hosting a Redwood Hall Revelry or Build-A-Birthday party, there is an additional fee of $7 per person. Your credit card on file may be charged this fee if you do not arrange for alternate payment. If you are hosting a Classroom Celebration or Exploration Celebration party, you cannot have more than 24 attendees. If you are hosting a Stair Step Shindig, you cannot have more than 49 attendees. These counts include the host family, guest of honor and children of all ages. Please plan your guest list accordingly, as CuriOdyssey staff will not allow more than your room’s count to enter your party. This is per order of the San Mateo County Fire Marshall, and there are no exceptions or negotiations.

Do I and my guests have to pay for parking?

No! As long as you are not also booking space in Coyote Point Recreation Area for your party, the vehicle entrance fee of $6/car is waived. Upon booking you will be emailed a parking permit to distribute to your guests before the party. Passes must be printed and in hand at the ranger station in order to be valid. Please instruct your guests to place the pass on their car’s dashboard.

Can I bring in entertainment for my guests?

Yes! You are welcome to bring in outside entertainment as long as they adhere to CuriOdyssey’s regulations. Make sure that any outside entertainment does not bring in any balloons, noisemakers, piñatas, or animals. Tell your entertainment to arrive and prepare during your designated setup time; if they come earlier they will not have access to the party space. We do not allow amplified music in our birthday parties because it disturbs our animals.

Can I bring food and drink?

Yes! Our only restriction is no alcohol. Otherwise, you can bring your own food, host a potluck or have food delivered. Please instruct deliveries to occur during the party time. Please note that CuriOdyssey does not have a fridge or freezer. Consider bringing an ice chest for perishable food instead.

Do I need to provide a guest list?

No! Just tell your guests to mention the guest of honor’s name when they check in at the admissions window. They will be given a hand stamp for all-day CuriOdyssey access and checked in as your party guests. The host family and guest of honor should get a hand stamp, too!

How can I check if a date is available?

Please email birthdays(at)curiodyssey.org to check date availability. Please make sure to give us a range of dates to check, and let us know what package(s) you are interested in. We can place one three-day hold for you while you decide, but the hold will be released after three days if we have not received your completed reservation form and payment. Reservations can be submitted by email, fax to 650-342-7853, or mail to CuriOdyssey Birthdays, 1651 Coyote Point Drive, San Mateo, CA 94401. Once your payment is processed you will receive an email confirmation of your party.

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