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Upcoming Special Hours: 9/27 and 9/28 early closures at 12 pm

Summer Camps

Camp Information, Policies & Procedures

General Statement

We believe in the restorative value and educational benefit of learning both indoors and out surrounded by nature. We have developed these policies and procedures to ensure the health and safety of all program participants and staff. We appreciate the trust you have placed in us by enrolling your child(ren) in our science education programs.

  • Guidelines, protocols and procedures outlined in this document may change quickly, without notice, due to updated guidance and notices from local, state and federal agencies. CuriOdyssey will make every effort to quickly notify caregivers of any changes or updates.
  • By enrolling a program participant in a program at CuriOdyssey, the caregiver is certifying that they have read this document in full and that they and the program participant will be able to comply with all requirements contained therein.
  • For the safety of all the program participants, CuriOdyssey staff, and volunteers, if a program participant fails to comply with all personal safety protocols during the program, the caregiver will be called to pick up their child.
  • To ensure the safety of all program participants, program staff receive Mandated Reporter, First Aid/CPR/AED, Inclusion and Accessibility, and Safety & Emergency Protocol Training.

Staff : Program Participant Ratios

CuriOdyssey recognizes the gravity of caregivers trusting us with their program participant’s safety and has systems in place to protect them. For the maximum benefit for program participants, we plan programs to operate with a low staff: program participant ratio and find program participants learn best in small groups.

  • All eligible CuriOdyssey staff and adult volunteers undergo a LiveScan background check.
  • At no time during CuriOdyssey’s programs will a child be alone with a staff member or volunteer.
  • All staff and volunteers are trained not to be alone with a child.
  • CuriOdyssey has several administrative education staff “on call” to be present to make sure that a child is never alone with a staff member or volunteer.
  • CuriOdyssey staff never go into the bathroom stalls or single use bathrooms with program participants.

Program Participant Behavior Expectations

In order to ensure that CuriOdyssey programs are safe spaces for participants, a participant may be removed from a program under certain circumstances.

  • This decision will be made by the Education Lead Staff, with input from the CuriOdyssey Safety Officer.
  • Each case is unique and each decision will balance program participants’ sense of safety with the severity of behavior(s), the context around the behavior(s), the individual participants involved, and all other relevant information available at the time.
  • In each case, that decision will evaluate these factors through a lens inclusive of physical, neurological and cultural diversity.
  • Except for egregious circumstances, this decision will be made only after CuriOdyssey education staff have engaged in interventions to prevent or manage the behavior(s).
  • Any behaviors which would constitute grounds for removing a participant from a program must be communicated to that participant’s caregivers.

Behaviors which may constitute reasonable grounds to remove a program participant from a program include:

  • Intentionally causing physical or emotional harm to another participant and/or staff,
    Threatening violence against another participant and/or staff
  • Extremely physical play/horseplay that is not safe in a group setting
  • A pattern of careless or reckless behavior that puts other participants and/or staff at unnecessary and nontypical risk, including, but not limited to, disregarding safety guidelines
  • A pattern of behavior imitating violence toward other participants and/or staff
  • Continuous bullying, of either a physical or psychological/verbal nature
  • Consistent self-separation/isolation from group such that safe staff:student ratio is not able to be maintained

Potential Program Participant Risks

CuriOdyssey Education programs take place on CuriOdyssey’s campus and in Coyote Point Park.

  • Wild plants and animals
  • Public place

Where possible, CuriOdyssey staff provide program participants with guidelines and resources to mitigate risk associated with our setting, other students, and educational activities. These guidelines, training and/or materials are:

  • Guidelines for how we expect students to interact with one another
  • Guidelines for how to engage in specific behaviors safely.
  • Training for how to use tools safely.
  • Safety equipment relevant to specific activities.
  • Guidelines for safely exploring Coyote Point Park, including identifying poisonous plants and safely interacting with wildlife.
  • Water breaks and access to water refill stations, extra water bottles, and electrolyte powder (for extreme circumstances only).
  • CuriOdyssey does not assume the responsibility of providing sun protection or applying sunscreen to program participants. When programs take place outdoors, staff will provide advance email reminders to caregivers and verbal reminders to program participants about using sun protection.
  • Air Quality: If air quality reaches 101 or above, all camp groups will move inside. If air quality reaches 151 or above, CuriOdyssey will close, and we will request immediate pick up. We monitor air quality using Purple Air, applying the AQandU conversion.
  • Wind Conditions: If both the wind speed and wind gusts are over 25 mph or if the wind gusts are higher than 32 mph, all camp groups will move inside. If wind speed reaches 32 mph or higher and/or wind gusts reach 35 mph or higher, CuriOdyssey will close, and we will request immediate pick up.

COVID-19 and Injury

  • CuriOdyssey staff are instructed to stay home if they feel sick. The education team has built flexibility into the program's schedule so that staff do not feel obligated to come to work sick.
  • Program participants should not come to CuriOdyssey programs if they are sick or show signs of illness.
  • If a program participant shows signs of illness during a program, that program participant will be escorted away from the program, and a caregiver will be called to pick up the program participant.
  • The staff will carry a complete first-aid kit. If a program participant becomes injured and requires more care than an ice-pack and/or band-aid, the caregiver will be contacted.
  • In the event of a major injury, emergency services will be contacted.

Please note that CuriOdyssey and Coyote Point Park are both undergoing construction projects that will be ongoing throughout Summer 2023.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are all looking forward to a wonderful, safe, and impactful season where we help kids explore the superpower of science.

Thank you,

Camp CuriOdyssey Staff

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