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STEAM Lab Class: Forces of Flight

Zoom Video

Learning animal identification begins with great observations! We can use clues such as sights, sounds, and smells to help identify what’s in our backyard. This class will introduce nature note booking, how to create a sound map and walk through identifying a bird with the field marks seen in real life. CuriOdyssey educators will help…

STEAM Lab Class: Drinking Water

Zoom Video

What do you know about the water you drink? CuriOdyssey educators will have a live discussion with kids about fresh water, water conservation, and water purification. Participants will set up a water distillation experiment, share ideas and create a personalized pledge to use less water, and learn about California’s flagship river species! Your child “otter”…

STEAM Lab Class: Invertebrate Investigators

Zoom Video

What do jellyfish, spiders, banana slugs and lobsters have in common? They are all Invertebrates (animals without bones) and are incredibly interesting. Get curious about the shapes and structures of invertebrate bodies as you meet live animals and discover ways to safely explore the invertebrates in your own neighborhood. We’ll build tools, such as an…

STEAM Lab Class: Eggsploration

Zoom Video

In our daily lives, we mostly interact with eggs that come from a chicken. In nature eggs come in all different shapes, sizes, textures and colors! In this class we explore the diversity of eggs and better understand their structure and function! In this class kids will see an oviparous animal, predict the strength of…

STEAM Lab Class: Audible Adventures

Zoom Video

Calling all musicians and tinkerers! What is sound? How do we experience sound and how does sound travel? These questions form the foundation of our inquiry into the world of sound. Along with CuriOdyssey educators, students will creatively construct cardboard instruments and design their own inventions to study the science of sound! Start your paper…

STEAM Lab Class: Solar Science

Zoom Video

All the energy for life on Earth comes from the sun! Students will harness this energy to make their very own solar oven using a cardboard box, foil and plastic wrap and trap the water that escapes a plant through its leaves in the process called transpiration. Put on some sunscreen and venture outside to…

STEAM Lab Class: Water is Sticky

Zoom Video

Find out what we mean by “water is sticky” in this live virtual class. How many drops can fit on a penny? How can two colors of water mix without pouring? Young hydrologists will be able to answer these questions when they join a CuriOdyssey educator to experiment with the different properties of water. Be…

STEAM Lab Class: Playdough Chemistry

Zoom Video

Looking to explore the creative side of science? Try out an activity from our Art Inventors program! Get playful with chemistry in an ooey gooey exploration of making playdough with salt and flour. We’ll check out the physical and chemical changes you can observe along the way and end up with a wonderful sculpting medium…

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