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What kinds of educational programs do you have for our group?
If you want your students to have a science workshop to support your curriculum, you have several options depending on the size of your group. For many classrooms of 20-30 students, we can schedule a Science Workshop, or a Wildlife Presentation that can accommodate up to 30 students. If you are planning a program for several classes, we can schedule multiple programs back-to-back and/or work with you to customize a program that meets your group size, desired content, and timing needs.

What if I have a different number of students the day of the program?
We recognize that your class/group size may change. If you need to change the number of students to the program, please let us know with as much advance notice as possible so that we can make the appropriate adjustments. Significant changes to a group size may require scheduling your program on a different day. You will be charged the per-student fee for each student being added to a program. We do not provide refunds if you bring fewer students than you registered.

Where can we eat?
CuriOdyssey has an outdoor picnic area in our gardens, near our Wildlife Habitats, which may be used on a first-come, first-serve basis. The area accommodates 35 people, so if your group is larger, please consider enjoying your lunch in the park.

Is there wheelchair access?
The museum is accessible by wheelchair and strollers. Accessible parking for guests with disabilities is available adjacent to the building. There is a designated yellow zone next to the museum in the traffic circle for easier dropping off (right next to wheelchair ramp) prior to parking.

Can your programs travel to our school site?
Yes! We have several program options for you to have CuriOdyssey in your school/classroom. Mobile Science Workshops, Wildlife Presentations and a series of science lessons are all options for CuriOdyssey to support your science curriculum needs. We do focus our travel locations within San Mateo County. Some classes may have certain space requirements. Still have questions? Please contact our Program Scheduler at or (650) 340-7598.

What if it rains during my visit?
We teach our classes rain or shine; we believe there is no bad weather, only bad clothing, so please dress for outdoor exploration. If it is raining and you are eating lunch at CuriOdyssey, our front desk staff may be able to accommodate your group and provide an indoor space for eating lunch.

How long does it take to go through CuriOdyssey?
We find that students enjoy exploring CuriOdyssey between 1-3 hours, in addition to any scheduled lessons. The interests and preparation of your group chaperones could influence how long it takes to visit us. We suggest that teachers visit CuriOdyssey prior to your group visit, to help prepare chaperones with ideas. Your teacher preview visit will be free, as teachers are always admitted to the museum free of charge with proper identification.

Are you still offering the same classes that you offered in previous years?
Yes, many of our classes are offered from year to year. Our class offerings do change periodically as we constantly design our programming in response to the needs of schools and teachers. Please review our 2015-2016 program offerings before submitting your registration.

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