Green-Winged Teal

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Green-winged Teal

Anas crecca


Our Green-winged Teal had received a fractured wing in the wild and now only has partial flight ability. Donated from Sulfur Creek Nature Center in February 2015.

Fun Facts

They have a cinnamon colored head with an iridescent green eye patch, a pinkish breast with black spots, a yellowish tail strip, and a green patch on the wings. Breeding is from late April to early June. Females lay 6-10 eggs, one egg a day. Eggs are incubated for 20-24 dayes, young fledge at ~35 days.

Birth Date

Hatch-date unknown

Diet in the Wild

Vegetation, seeds and animal matter (insect larvae, aquatic invertebrates)

Diet at the Museum

Waterfowl kibble, chopped greens, worms

Life Span

In the Wild: 10-20 years
In Captivity: at least 20 years


Prefer shallow ponds, wetlands and coastal marshes that have heavy vegetation, usually around parklands, forests, grasslands and meadows


Breeding grounds include Canada, Alaska and northern U.S.; winter grounds include Western U.S., Mexico and southern U.S.

Conservation Status:

Green-winged Teals are common and widespread. Their breeding grounds are in areas that are largely untouched by humans so that has helped protect them.