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Separating Roadrunner Fact From Ficton

By Hillary Hempstead | Thu February 2, 2012

When you think of a roadrunner, what comes to mind? Is it a large purple bird that plays tricks on an unsuspecting coyote? CuriOdyssey is home to two greater roadrunners, Juniper and Sage. The mother/daughter pair came to CuriOdyssey from the Phoenix Zoo, and has been with us since late December 2011. If everything you…

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Kids and mom at sand table

Approaching education the CuriOdyssey way

By Hillary Hempstead | Mon January 9, 2012

When you step inside CuriOdyssey, you might see a variety of things. Kids could be huddled around Curving Creeks, working together to build a dam in wet sand. Or they might be turning cranks in quick succession, urging a ball to roll through a circuitous path in our Gears and Gadgets exhibit. If you move…

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Inspired by Backyard Science: What would you build?

By Hillary Hempstead | Fri November 18, 2011

In our fall newsletter, we issued a challenge to our readers that was inspired by our Backyard Science exhibit. In it, we called for participation in a special project that requires creativity, ingenuity, and maybe even a little old-fashioned elbow grease. But we’d like to extend the challenge to our loyal blog readers, too! Our…

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What is a "Threatened" Species, Anyway?

By Hillary Hempstead | Thu November 10, 2011

Did you know that CuriOdyssey is home to a variety of “threatened” species? If you’ve ever seen Antiguo walking around the exhibit he shares with the Burrowing Owls, or if you’ve ever seen Spork messily chomping his favorite snack (nasturtiums!) during an enrichment session, then you’ve seen just one of the threatened species we care…

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Keeper with raptor

Being a CuriOdyssey Zoo Keeper: Five Things That Might Surprise You

By Hillary Hempstead | Thu July 21, 2011

Sure, they get to hang out with cute animals, train them, and feed them each day. But what is it really like to be a CuriOdyssey zoo keeper? And what’s actually required for the job? Read on to find out! 1. Creativity is required! You might not think much creativity is required of a zoo…

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Fox sleeping

Introducing Our New Education Animal – a Red Fox!

By Hillary Hempstead | Mon June 13, 2011

We have some exciting news to share with our blog readers. The newest addition to CuriOdyssey’s education animal collection has arrived! A red fox recently completed the Association of Zoos and Aquarium’s mandated 30-day quarantine period and has begun the process of adapting to her new home at CuriOdyssey. The spirited little red fox was…

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Kids at cascade wall exhibit

Coming Soon to Your Backyard!

By Hillary Hempstead | Mon June 6, 2011

Can you see wind? What shape can water make? Can the sun look like a square? Why are we asking all of these questions? They’re just the kind of things you’ll be wondering when you experience our newest exhibition, Backyard Science! Backyard Science helps families explore, play, discover (and even get their hands dirty!) by…

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Flagged tent

Maker Faire and CuriOdyssey: Together at Last!

By Hillary Hempstead | Fri May 20, 2011

It’s no secret that we here at CuriOdyssey are fans of invention, building and making. It’s part of the reason we spend so much time designing, prototyping, building and perfecting our hands-on exhibits. So, really, it should be no surprise that we’re big supporters of the creative ethos behind the DIY extravaganza that is Maker…

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Cute ferret

So what’s animal "enrichment" anyway?

By Hillary Hempstead | Fri April 8, 2011

When you visit CuriOdyssey, you might hear our animal keepers talk about how we provide “enrichment” to our animals. But what exactly is enrichment, you might ask? Enrichment is what our animal keepers provide to keep our on-exhibit animals and Animal Ambassadors happy, healthy, and stimulated in their environments. Enrichment helps replicate some of the…

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Reaching for the Sun

By Hillary Hempstead | Mon February 28, 2011

A few weeks ago, President Obama gave his first State of the Union Speech of 2011. In his address, he spent a considerable amount of time focused on the topic of green energy and technology. He likened the country’s current goal of advancement in the green sector to the space race in the 1960s. He…

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