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CuriOdyssey is pleased to announce we received two foundation grants in support of The Campaign for CuriOdyssey, a $35M initiative to provide a world-class science center for the families of San Mateo County and beyond.  

The Sand Hill Foundation has supported the museum’s school science programs since 2000. “The Sand Hill Foundation is proud to support CuriOdyssey’s bold vision for a new home at Coyote Point and its ongoing educational programs for local public schools. This science and nature center is a magnet for Bay Area teachers, families, and tourists alike – a true gem of San Mateo County,observed Ash McNeely, Executive Director. The foundation made a $300,000 grant to The Campaign for CuriOdyssey. “Our community is better because of CuriOdyssey. Helping children understand science and appreciate the nature of the Bay Area is critical to ensuring that they will become lifelong environmental stewards,notes Susan Ford Dorsey, Foundation President.  

Ray Atkinson was a keen supporter of the Coyote Point Museum (CuriOdyssey’s former name) where he served as president from 1978 – 1981. The Atkinson Foundation’s recent donation of $250,000, together with previous gifts, brings their total support to $500,000 and builds on the foundation’s longstanding tradition of support, starting in 1992. This donation will directly benefit San Mateo County’s children and their families by giving them a place to learn about and care for the natural world. CuriOdyssey’s engaging programs, exhibits and animals offer a safe place where kids can unplug, play and explore,” comments Linda Lanier, President. 

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