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Make science your Valentine, these themed experiments will keep love in the air! Find even more experiments on our Science Experiments for Kids page.

How strong is a heart?

Test out the strength of different shapes in this experiment! Materials you’ll need include: paper, tape and different books for weight.

What are those fancy flowers hiding?

Flowers are a common sight on Valentine’s Day… but what are they hiding? Perhaps using a different spectrum of light will show us! This experiment will require at the minimum a blacklight (also known as “ultraviolet light”) flashlight.

Make a unique Valentine’s Day gift with your own work of art—bubble art!

Gift giving made even more fun with bubbles! You’ll need dish soap to make your own bubbles, and we recommend which kinds of paint to use, too. Tag us with your artwork!

There’s even more where that came from, with new experiments being added to our experiments page all the time. Hope you enjoy these easy experiments for kids (and kids at heart)!

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