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Life has changed for all of us in 2020.  On March 16, shelter in place began across California and much of the United States.  Families stayed at home, venturing only short distances and not mixing with other families.  Beginning in June, the shelter in place orders in California began slowly lifting.  Now, in August, people have more access to county, state, and national parks, outdoor dining, shopping, outdoor zoos, botanical gardens, and outdoor museums.  With increased activities, what do you need to know to stay safe when venturing out to CuriOdyssey and beyond? 

Know Before You Go 

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Research the place that you want to visit.  Read what the guidelines and requirements are for that location.  At CuriOdyssey, our new guidelines, safety requirements, and frequently asked questions are easy to find in the Visit section of our website.  New guidelines will be in place with other facilities, as well.  The guidelines will include any mask requirements, capacity limits, physical distancing parameters, cleaning and disinfecting procedures, and more.  Read up, know what to expect, and then be prepared to follow the rules set forth by the park, company, or organization. 

Be like a raccoon and wear your mask 

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According to the CDC, wearing a mask is one of the ways to help slow the spread of COVID-19.  Read these CDC recommendations for more information.  Different places will have different rules for face masks and coverings.  Make sure you know what to expect before you go.  The safest recommendation is to visit parks, companies, or organizations that are requiring face masks that are worn over both the nose and mouth.  At CuriOdyssey, we require face masks or coverings for everyone ages five and older and we recommend them for those ages two through four.  The CDC does not recommend face masks or coverings for anyone under the age of two. 

Social distance not social disconnect 

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Social distancing and physical distancing do not have to mean being disconnected from others.  According to Johns Hopkins, social distancing is when you use other means of communication (FaceTime, phone calls, email, text, Zoom, etc.) instead of in-person, face-to-face communication.  Physical distancing is staying 6-feet or more away from other people when out in public.  Read their article here.  You can still go out and enjoy life away from home.  It is important to decrease your risk by physical distancing.  This article from the CDC explains their recommendations. 

At CuriOdyssey, we’ve put in place several measures to help assist you with physical distancing.  We created a one-way path so you can see the families in front of you and be able to plan how to keep apart from them physically.  This also has the added benefit of avoiding face-to-face passing which will decrease your exposure to their breathing, coughing, sneezing, etc.  We have placed distance dots at the front entrance, at the restrooms, and outside the gift shop for when you and your family are waiting in line.  Please help your kids with physical distancing and the one-way path.  We know little ones like to explore and going in one direction is not always part of exploration.  Check out this article about how to talk to kids about social and physical distancing.  We’re all in this together! 

Slow the spread – Stay home if feeling unwell 

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In the past (which was only 5 months ago), if we had the sniffles, a bit of a cough or even a slight fever, we might still consider going to the zoo, a children’s museum, or a playground.  Now, those health indicators could be symptoms of COVID-19If you, or anyone in your group, has any of these symptoms, it is a good idea to stay home, contact your healthcare provider, and follow their guidance.  Many places, like CuriOdyssey, will ask you when you arrive if you have any symptoms.  Others will expect you to read their guidelines online before you purchase tickets or show up for a visit.  At CuriOdyssey, we are more than happy to help you reschedule your admission tickets or refund your purchase should you, or someone in your group, develop symptoms prior to your visit.  Help us slow the spread. 

We hope that you and your family will visit CuriOdyssey soon.  Remember that it is possible to be safe and outside of your home when you prepare for your adventure and follow all safety guidelines.  We miss you!  Stay safe! 

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