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We make choices every day that can have a positive impact on the natural world. Here are 7 choices you can make to help wildlife, today! (Psst, there’s a bonus activity at the bottom.)

Antiguo the desert tortoise is pictured, as we remind readers to practice #1, and drive carefully for wildlife!

7 Ways To Support Wildlife Conservation:

  1. Drive carefully and always be alert, especially at night on roads when animals are more active. Cool science tip: look for eyeshine in your headlights to spot animals early!  
  2. Pick up trash before it can enter waterways and contaminate water sources for wild animals, or even better, create less trash by choosing reusable products!  
  3. Use alternatives to rodenticides, such as snap and live traps, and ask any exterminators you hire to do the same.  
  4. Admire animals from a safe distance and leave them in their homes. Wild animals such as frogs, snakes and tortoises have special needs and don’t make good pets.  
  5. Support land preservation that protects critical breeding and nesting grounds. 
  6. Check ingredients and select items that use sustainable palm oil to protect animals like orangutans
  7. Select sustainable seafood options and ask restaurants and grocery stores to offer the same. 

BONUS: Here’s an activity you can try today!

Nature Scavenger Hunt:
Use your senses to practice being a scientist! Fill in this nature-inspired scavenger hunt as you explore any space, outside or inside with your eyes, ears, nose and hands. Notice something not on the nature search? Make your own nature scavenger hunt! Let your curiosity guide you and have fun exploring in a safe place.

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