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Read the letter of support from Kevin Mullin, Speaker Pro Tempore, California State Assembly member, representing District 22 in San Mateo County.

I am pleased to offer my support for CuriOdyssey.

Born and raised in San Mateo County, I have watched Curiodyssey grow over the years and I am impressed by its evolution. From its genesis in a Quonset hut in Coyote Point Park over 65 years ago, the organization ahs emerged as a leader in informal science education. With STEM education key to the success of our next generation and indeed our future, CuriOdyssey is an asset to our community’s education ecosystem.

I have heard from my staff of your impressive attendance and membership numbers as well as the steady increase in the demand for your programs, I have also learned of the plans to remodel your aging facility to better serve children and families in the Bay Area, Since you are fully permitted and “shovel ready,” I hope that you can proceed quickly to ground-breaking and am pleased to offer my endorsement. This is the kind of project that I can easily support.

My staff has also shared stories of frequent visits with their children to CuriOdyssey and the hours of both play and learning that took place. And as a new father to twin boys, I look forward to introducing my children to CuriOdyssey once they are old enough, and creating meaningful memories and experiences with them.

The new CuriOdyssey will be a visible tribute to the County of San Mateo and Coyote Point Park and offers a wonderful example of a public-private partnership that is serving children and families in meaningful ways. I look forward to being part of CuriOdyssey’s success.

Kevin Mullin
Speaker Pro Tempore

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