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The numbers are in. Science scores in California are some of the lowest in the nation.

View the data from N.A.E.P., the National Assessment of Educational Progress here.

At CuriOdyssey, we are addressing that very issue for kids in our community.  Here, kids interact with real, natural phenomenon (physics) at a very young age. In our programs, workshops and camps children learn the scientific process and how to apply it to problems in the real world. It is simple but important: hypothesis, test, conclusion, repeat.  The understanding of the scientific process is more important than ever, support CuriOdyssey and support science education for children in their first decade of life.


How does CuriOdyssey make a difference?

Everyone deserves accessible, quality science opportunities. When we looked at the scores, we noticed children from certain backgrounds were scoring significantly lower on average than others. We want to provide as many opportunities as possible for these groups especially. We are all in this together.

Every day we offer free admission to Golden State Advantage EBT cardholders and their families. Every month we donate passes and memberships to local schools for their fundraising efforts. We schedule local low-income school field trips at free or discounted rates. Everyone is welcome to visit for free on our Community Days, and we work with A.Z.A. and A.S.T.C. reciprocal programs so that families feel empowered to experience science wherever they go at little to no additional cost.

Because of the generosity of others in our community, we are able to offer the cost solutions mentioned above.  

If California scores concern you too, please consider contributing to our Fund-A-Need program here. Thank you.

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