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A science spot is simple. It’s an everyday place where you can observe natural phenomena. Maybe it’s the place where you see birds roosting each day. Or perhaps there’s an interesting window in your house that creates wavy reflections. There are science spots everywhere; you just have to keep your eyes open to spot them. Check out some of our staff’s favorite science spots – then share your own in the comments section by March 31st, 2012! One person will be chosen at random to receive a gift for sharing his or her science spot.


Some evenings at CuriOdyssey, when the sun sets in just the right way, you can see sunlight reflecting a soft orange glow from the building windows just across the Bay in Oakland.
– Joan, Director of Finance

The tidepools south of Pescadero. They’re like tiny, underwater animal cities.
– Jeanne, Animal Keeper

In Leo J. Ryan Park in Foster City there’s a boardwalk next to the lagoon with vertical posts and chains. On winter mornings when the sun is low, the condensation (or frost, if it’s cold) will evaporate from the boardwalk except where the shadows of the posts fall. This creates a neat phenomenon of “wet shadows” or “frosty shadows”.
– Eric, Director of Exhibits

When you drive by some of the large hotels on Airport Boulevard with polarized sunglasses on, the hotels’ windows have interesting rainbows on them. They look completely different with poloarized sunglasses on than without.
– Abi, Director of Marketing

My science spot is everywhere. I find magic in the air, quite literally. Sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes it seems weightless and thin, other times it hangs heavily.
– Christy, Guest Services Associate

My science spot is actually an area – the Highway 280 corridor between Los Altos and Crystal Springs. Every day I see wildlife – raptors on the fences near Alpine Road, deer grazing on the hillsides in Woodside, and flocks of waterfowl in Crystal Springs Reservoir. Often during the rainy season, I see rainbows and the rising sun on my way to work and the setting sun on my way home. It makes my commute very enjoyable.
– Carl, Director of Education

I love it when I walk by the bobcats at CuriOdyssey and I don’t see them because they blend into their habitat so well. When I get up close to the fence they will be right there staring at me.
– Myra, Program Scheduler

Now it’s your turn. We want to know about YOUR “science spot.” No observation is too small! Share anything you think might qualify and post it here for a chance to receive a super science gift from us. Happy science spotting!

[photo: Justin Miel]

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