CuriOdyssey Opens New Exhibit: The Nature of Patterns
Science installations celebrate and explore natural patterns in shape and sound

SAN MATEO, CA – February 27, 2017 – CuriOdyssey’s exciting new exhibit, The Nature of Patterns, opens on Saturday, March 25. The serious science exhibition inspires visitors to discover and create patterns found in nature. A vibrant variety of engaging visual and auditory exhibits explores: symmetries, fractals, spirals, bubbles and foams, waves, meanders, flows, and spots and stripes found in nature and the science behind each pattern.

CuriOdyssey’s hands-on educational style invites experimentation with real scientific phenomena related to patterns found in the natural world. The scientific concepts underlying each pattern are thoughtfully explained and artfully illustrated through individually crafted, interactive displays. Each installation invites visitors to touch, hear, identify and celebrate the beauty of the science behind naturally occurring patterns.  Flowing silks and lasers, pendulums and particle accelerators, LEDs and music boxes illustrate scientific concepts including fluid dynamics, oscillation, visual and sound vibrations.

Patterns related to living animals come to life through CuriOdyssey’s exhibits of rescued native wildlife. Spots and stripes on CuriOdyssey’s bobcat and raccoon are suddenly recognizable as part of the larger world of naturally occurring patterns. The function of patterns in camouflage, communication and survival are revealed by professional educators and animal ambassadors.

CuriOdyssey offers a members-only “sneak peek” of the new exhibit on March 24 with activities and special programs. To learn about becoming a member, visit For more information on The Nature of Patterns opening event or The Nature of Patterns exhibit, see

About CuriOdyssey

CuriOdyssey is a serious science playground where more than 100,000 kids each year observe wild animals and experiment with real scientific phenomena. As a science and wildlife center, CuriOdyssey helps children acquire the tools to deeply understand the changing world. CuriOdyssey is dedicated to giving more kids the superpower of science and believes that kids learn about science and animals best out in the world and not behind a desk or a screen. CuriOdyssey is located at Coyote Point Recreation Area in San Mateo. For more information, visit


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