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Striped Skunk


This animal is not on exhibit in the habitats. It is one of our Animal Ambassadors and is used in public and school programs.

Latin Name

Mephitis mephitis

Skunk History at CuriOdyssey

Our skunk was dropped off in a duffle bag at the Wildlife Rehab and Release (WRR) in Grass Valley, CA.  Based on his behavior and how he was brought to the WRR, they believe that he had been living with people for a long enough time that he became habituated to them.  For this reason he is un-releasable; he has been at CuriOdyssey since August 2012.

Birth Date

Spring 2012

Fun Facts about Skunks

The skunk’s Latin name “mephitis” translates to “noxious gas.” Their ability to expel a fine spray of foul-smelling liquid develops at less than one month old.  Skunks can spray up to 23 feet in a favorable wind, although they are usually only accurate up to about 6 feet.

What do Skunks eat?

In the wild, Striped skunk eat mice, eggs, insects, carrion, frogs, small birds, and berries.

At CuriOdyssey, Striped Skunks enjoy kibble, fruits and vegetables, insects, various meats, and hard-boiled egg.

How long do Skunks live?

In the wild, Striped Skunks have an average lifespan of two – three years, although ages of up to seven years is possible.
In captivity, Striped Skunks can live up to 8-12 years.

Where do Skunks live?

Striped Skunks are found in many habitats, including open woodlands, grasslands, and suburban areas.

Their range extends from Southern Canada, across the U.S, and into northern Mexico.

Are Skunks endangered?

Skunks are extremely common and widespread; they have no special wildlife conservation status.

Adopt me!

Your contribution helps provide my food, toys, and medical care. I’ll stay at the museum, and you’ll get a photo of me and a certificate as reminders of your generosity. Check out our adoption section and see all of our adoption levels.


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