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STEM Mentor

BIPOC youth face systemic barriers throughout their education and daily lives which contributes to the lack of diversity we see in STEM fields today.

The STEM Mentor program seeks to enhance the resources available for BIPOC youth to pursue STEM learning in a safe space where they can connect with and be encouraged by supportive role-models. Mentors are changemakers who empower students to amplify their voice, achieve their educational goals and envision the journey to a STEM career.

As a STEM Mentor, you will be paired with a middle school student and meet virtually twice each month during the academic year. This time together will give you the opportunity to explore STEM activities using CuriOdyssey’s signature inquiry style, listen and learn from each other’s experiences, and offer academic support for STEM classes.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Meet with an assigned middle school student for two regularly scheduled sessions each month, 4:30-5:15pm on a weekday, using the Groupworld platform
    • Serve as a role model and foster a positive relationship with the student
    • Provide academic support, with special attention to STEM related subjects
    • Provide personal and career path advice and support
    • Explore STEM activities using CuriOdyssey’s signature inquiry style
  • Consult with Program Coordinator should any challenges or concerns arise
  • Complete a pre- and post- program assessment


  • Strong interest in sharing your passion for science and other STEM subjects
  • Reliable, empathetic and enthusiastic
  • Comfortable engaging with a middle school student in an online setting
  • Able to lead online sessions with sufficient internet speed and bandwidth to prevent freezing
  • Have a private, quiet and uninterrupted space while communicating with student

Training and Support:

  • Interactive online training in January and February 2022
  • STEM Mentor Program Coordinator will provide on-going support and additional resources during the year


  • Knowing you have created a transformative experience for a middle school student who might not otherwise have considered pursuing a STEM degree or career
  • Help youth develop critical thinking, problem solving and other STEM related skills
  • Enhance your online communication and leadership skills
  • Experience inquiry-based, learner-driven education

CuriOdyssey Volunteers Receive:

  • Tri-annual volunteer newsletter
  • 15% discount from the CuriOdyssey Shop
  • Inclusion in annual volunteer celebration in the spring
  • Free admission to CuriOdyssey for volunteer and up to 4 guests during any regular admission hours

To Apply:

  • Mentor application available on our website starting October 1, 2021
  • Deadline to apply: December 1, 2021
  • Applications will be reviewed and responded to on an on-going basis
  • In addition to the application, we require an interview, two personal references and a background clearance

Want to learn more?

  • Watch mentor program video and/or attend an online Open House: See Volunteer
  • Address specific questions to [email protected]
  • The STEM Mentor program is a vital part of our comprehensive STEM Corps initiative. Learn more here: STEM Corps

CuriOdyssey is a serious science playground located in Coyote Point Park in San Mateo, California. Our native animal zoo, interactive science exhibits and unique educational programs inspire excitement, curiosity and discovery. Our education philosophy includes creating an authentic, inquiry based and immersive environment, while providing meaningful, robust and personal learning experiences.

Our Mission: Inspire love for science and curiosity about the world to create a brighter future.

CuriOdyssey, 1651 Coyote Point Drive, San Mateo, CA 94401


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CuriOdyssey is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Tax ID 94-1262434

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