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Face of child wearing mirrored sunglasses, surrounded by colors.


CuriOdyssey’s IlluminOdyssey – A Dazzling Winter Light Experience for Kids

Open Through January 5, Tuesdays-Sundays, 10am-4:45pm

Special Hours: 12/31 10am-3pm  |  Closed 1/1  |  1/3 10am-8pm

Electrify your child’s imagination at CuriOdyssey’s IlluminOdyssey, a spectacular winter light experience for kids. Play with light as four floors of walls, floor and ceiling come alive with radiant, moving color.

  • Carry a colorful lantern with you as you explore a world of luminescent wonder.
  • Venture through a gleaming jungle of soft sculptures
  • Explore under an illuminated canopy of fiber optic strands.
  • Create a refractive rainbow at the tip of a wand.
  • Touch a plasma ball to create colorful electric tendrils.
  • Use a drawing robot to design a phosphorescent image.
  • Dance on swirling patterns of brilliant colors.
  • Watch the mesmerizing motion of a glowing blossom and change its appearance.
  • Wander inside a village of lustrous, geometric shelters awash in laser lights.

Experience the wonder, beauty and excitement of CuriOdyssey’s IlluminOdyssey, open November 9 through January 5.


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